Mister Gnomer: Storing Beauty Supplies

Pretty Gnome Spot

While we are waiting for pics of the nearly-finished office, I thought I’d share the cute little spot my daughter helped me put together for our Get Prettified Goodies in the hallway just outside the office door.

Technically, when one lives in a small cottage everything is just outside the office door.  Winking smile


No Before Gnome, Just After Gnome

I wish I would have taken BEFORE pics, but I plum didn’t think of it.

I was more than ready to get rid of the tortoise shell makeup case, the basket of stuff, and the bottles of what-in-the-world-was-I-thinking.

The first thing to do when making a pretty spot for your Get Prettified Goodies is to decide what you actually use.

Marie Kondo’s book helped me much.

Strip Down to What You Love

Marie taught me that it’s ok to let go of our past in purchases, gleanings, gatherings and trying-to-becomes.

Stripping it down to who I am because it’s what I love today, right now: I’m a lipstick and eyeliner gal.

Add a swipe of face powder and a splash of scent, I’m pretty much ready to go. I saved only one palette of eye shadow for special occasions. They come rather rarely, so I don’t anticipate needing much.

Hairbows in Basket by Books under Gnome

I spend more time playing (fidgeting!) with my sometimes curly, sometimes wavy, sometimes straight-ish, sometimes kinky-spiky-crazy hair. So hair bows, bands, barrettes, and other such accessories top off the corner of my mirror, and get tucked into a basket by books.

Crocheted Barrette Holder

Off to Target

Once I knew what I needed, my girl and I went to Target. She’s 21, btw, crazy how that happened, but SO thankful it did!

We have so much fun at Target, sometimes we wonder why they let us come back!  The Day of the Pink Gnome was no exception.

Winter – that’s my girl – helped me pick out little tin buckets and I fell instantly in love with the cake stand!

Winter suggested turning it upside down for a gnome perch.

Cake Stand as Gnome Perch
Now, if you know me, you might know – I don’t tell many people – I am not a gnome person.

Seems like one either IS gnome-y or one isn’t. I definitely qualify as an isn’t.

Until this pink guy.

And so, with a bit more coercion from my daughter, I … (I can’t believe I am about to say this) … I … bought … a gnome.

In my defense – why would I need to defend myself?? – it’s a pink gnome.

Using What We Already Had on Hand

I had the sparkly lace fabric – or maybe Winter let me borrow it, details are fuzzy on that bit – and I had the blue glass bowl – I know that one is mine! – so we were all set. For just over $10, too, if I remember right.

And now you gnome (sorry) what awaits my entrance and exits from my bedroom and my office.  Smile

Hopefully soon, I’ll get those office pics taken and you can see where I now sit and type and design and such.

From Gnomes to Rio

Ooh, speaking of design, I just submitted three graphic doodads to our Ravelry Red Heart group to be voted on for the Ravellenic Games 2016! Here’s one of them:

Team Red Heart_Submission by SuzBroadhurst

Think Summer Olympics and yarn. Oh yah, I’m excited!

And now that I’ve got to know him, I think my gnome is pretty jazzed, too.  Party smile


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