Book Recommendation: The Giver Quartet

 The Giver Quartet

I tend to review non-fiction books.  It’s not because I tend to read more non-fiction books; I think I read rather more works of fiction than non-, but there’s something about recommending non-fiction that comes easier for me than fiction.

Maybe it’s the personal preference debates that go on (and on and on), and I fear treading those shaken waters.

Shaken Waters

But then a book – or in this case a quartet – comes along that I can’t somehow help but recommend.

Reading with a Squinted Eye

The first time I read The Giver, not knowing there was a series in the works, it was with a squinted eye of distrust because it was on a public school reading list.

Squinty Eye of Distrust

Not that I don’t trust public schools, ok, I don’t. Not whole heartedly, anyway. And certainly not in the choice of books they insist on drilling into the minds and hearts of young people.

After reading The Giver (twice now), my eye still squints over the age of children for which the schools suggest this book. Some of the themes are better discussed when children are a bit older.

Let them be kids while they are kids. If they want to grow up too soon, that’s on them. We adults shouldn’t push them into the waters before they are ready to swim.

Oh dear, that’s rather a commentary on parenting and the school system rather than the book series.  Let me progress …

A Sequel?! No, a Series

This spring, a young friend and I were discussing books over a pile of weeds – he doing the weeding while we talked – when he casually mentioned Gathering Blue, the follow up book to The Giver.

You mean there’s a sequel??

Not only a sequel, a quartet.

Bring out the library card, I’ve got some books to read!


Review: The Giver, Book One

The book begins … nah …

Never Mind

Never mind. I don’t mean skip the book, you should read the book.  Smile  But never mind about reviews of book one, two, and so on.

I won’t be pulling apart this series book by book. Except to say:

  • Gathering Blue (book 2) was my favorite.
  • Son (book 4) my second fav.
  • The Giver (book 1) my next.
  • Messenger (book 3) was a book to get through to get to book 4. It had its moments, however. Especially the end.

Goodreads Review of Gathering Blue

I will share my short review of my favorite in Lois Lowry’s quartet, Gathering Blue:

Gathering Blue (The Giver, #2)Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Loved this book and not just because it has to do with thread and yarn. 🙂

What a depth of understanding Lois Lowry has of various social mindsets within our modern culture.

My favorite quote: “Pretending doesn’t keep you safe.”

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A Nugget About Book 4

I almost didn’t through book 4, Son, for which I share a valid explanation on my Goodreads review. [sniffle]

Looking for Quick Reads with Depth?

If you are looking for quick reads with depth (is there an echo?), this series should satisfy your reading tooth.

Warning, Ack, Danger!

But one word of warning, caution, road sign, don’t do it, ack, danger Will Robinson:  Skip the movie.

It’s terrible.

Unless you want to watch something that has very, very little to do with the book, twists everything into its own package and motivates you to never release your book rights to the movie industry.

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