Operation Christmas Child: Gifts from the Team

Operation Christmas Child Team Contributions

Our Operation Christmas Child team at Westside Chapel has been busy!

Linda brought in two bags of toys! Oh, these are going to be so fun to pack in shoeboxes in the fall!

Toys from Linda H

Kim’s Mom has been crocheting up a granny square purse storm!

From Kim's Mom_Colorful Variations on Granny Square Purse

And look in the lower right corner.  ^^^  Do you recognize the Mrs. Judy flower?  Kim made that cutie, if I have my details straight. 🙂

Crochet Kits for Elderly Crocheters

While I’m here, I also want to show you the kits Kim puts together for her mom:

Crochet Kits_Made by Kim for Her Mom 1

Over time, her mom has made oodles of squares in a variety of colors, so Kim sorts them into sets of 8 coordinating colors, adds a skein of yarn, and lets her mom enjoy the process of creating purses without having to think about which squares work best together. wlEmoticon-redheart.png

Isn’t that the sweetest generational story you’ve heard today?
It blesses me every time I think of it.

Crochet Kits_Made by Kim for Her Mom 3

Speaking of sweet, look at this Neapolitan Ice Cream purse!

From Kim's Mom_Neopolitan Ice Cream Crochet Purse

And even more sweets from Kim and her mom. In the bag with the completed purses came two skeins of yarn for me to play with. Isn’t that purple pretty?

Yarn from Kim and Her Mom

What a gift to work together in such a powerful ministry.

 Speaking of Power

Back to school sales are a POWERFUL time to buy goodies for shoeboxes. Wondering who has the best deals? The Clip With Purpose website will point you in the right direction.  Scroll down her page to find all kinds of back to school shopping tips!

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