Choosing Yarn Colors for a Multi-Colored Crochet Project

Choosing Yarn Colors for a Multi-Colored Project

Choosing colors for a multi-colored yarn project can feel daunting, especially when the pattern allows for a variety of color schemes.

For example, colors for my Tides of Change Rose in Bloom Mega-Afghan came about as I played with colored pencils on a coloring page I created using the pattern designer’s finished project image.

Choosing Colors for the Spice Of Life

I thought about doing the same for the Spice of Life blanket (another Red Heart Crochet Along on Ravelry), but with so many stitch changes I knew I’d get overwhelmed using a coloring page in my search for the look I wanted.

So I created a color board:

Choosing Yarn Colors

Create a Color Board

Use a 9×11 (or so) piece of shirtboard (heavy cardstock or poster board would work, too) in a neutral color.  Cut short, oh about 2-inch, slits along the long side.

Snip off a few inches of each color yarn you want to use.

The beauty of yarn snippets in cardboard slits is that you can begin with a color plan in mind, but change it as reality is created on the hook.


Spice of Life 1

Every time I got stuck wondering which color to use next, I just moved my yarn snippets around on the board.

That’s why using the long side of the shirtboard, creating more slots than yarn colors, is helpful. It gives you room to manipulate color.

As the blanket grew, I paused every so often to rework the color scheme for the next few rows.

Spice of Life 2

In the end, I had this:

Spice of Life_Complete

I rather love it. A lot.

It reminds me of my western roots: sunrises and sunsets in the desert, mountain views, and rock hounding (pebble puppying) with my daddy.

Daddy & Me Out West

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