Graphic Design for the 2016 Ravellenic Games

It’s time for another homeschool retirement update and this one is a dream come true. Where do I begin and how do I keep it short? My new office has certainly helped.  Here’s another sneak peek into its progress:

Sneak Peek My Office Grotto

Reading Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own encouraged me so much that I was on the right track, as I pieced together blue bits and green goodies to create a writing refuge, a graphics grotto.

Now I can put a “working” sign on the door and know that I won’t be disturbed.  What a gift! Thank you, family, for helping my office slide from paper into reality!

Graphics from the Grotto

Speaking of graphics, that’s the dream that came true this past month.  I was given the opportunity to create ravatars (Ravelry avatars) and laurels for the upcoming Ravellenic Games!

Here’s a sample:

Laurel Prairie Yarn Over_More Flowers

Laurel with Team Nadeshiko 500x500


Team Red Heart_500x500_Ravatar by SuzBroadhurst

It’s all pro bono work, but I need (LOVE!) the practice and the feedback, so I’m over the moon at having the opportunity!

What are the Ravellenic Games, you may ask?

A group of yarn crafters (knit, crochet, loom, etc) are gathering in Rio – cyberly speaking – to compete for medals and laurels while mostly just having a ball of laughs (get it? ball of yarn? anyway …) watching the Olympics!

Individual and/or Team Participation

Yarners can participate individually or on a team.  I’m on Team Red Heart as I’ve shared highs, lows, tears, laughter, yarn love, pattern obsessions, and so much more with these ladies.

So I really want to go to Rio with them! From my recliner named Jackson, of course. Winking smile

Team Red Heart_by SuzBroadhurst


You do have to be a member of Ravelry to participate in the games, but it’s free to join. Membership adds a level of safety to the forums as people are held accountable for their actions. But there is much room to play, too! And patterns, so many patterns!

My Ravellenic Goals

I learned how to create a bundle of patterns that I’m hoping to make during the 2016 Summer Olympics: five I’m ready to hook, and several extras just in case I have time.

Lofty goals, but one must loft before one can land.

We can’t begin our projects until the torch is lit in Rio (the real Rio) and we have to finish by torching snuffing time at the end of the games. It’s going to be quite the adventure!


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