Funky Lunch: A Blogger’s Lunch

A Blogger's Lunch

Do you have trouble stopping for lunch? Does your mind take over your body, your creative juices dripping until suddenly you look at the clock to discover it’s almost dinner time?

Welcome to the world of blogging. Or really any creative endeavor that you absolutely love and hate to take a break from even when nature calls for input.

I Have Bad News

The bad news is – you already know this – it isn’t good for you to skip breakfast (52 oz of coffee doesn’t count) and work through lunch. Your mind needs fuel, even if it protests that it just takes too much time to make and eat lunch.

I Have Good News and a Plan

The good news is lunch doesn’t have to be complicated. Or even cooked.  All you need is something healthy to snack upon to add fuel to your creative fire.

Hence, the Plan: A Snacky Tray

Blogger's Banana

Snacky trays were invented at our cottage during bouts of sickness. If I, the mama, was down for the count, I would create snacky trays of easy finger foods for the kiddos to nibble on at will throughout the day.

Who cares if they eat all the blueberries first and leave the crackers for later? Or vice versa. Typically, everything gets eaten by the little snackers.

I used (and still use) the same logic when the kids get sick. It’s so much easier to set out a snacky tray by the bedside and suggest they eat one berry, rather than a whole sandwich.

One berry leads to two, which leads to a little bit of an appetite, which adds energy to the healing process.

Using Logic in Our Blogging Favor

I discovered I can use the same trick-the-brain-into-taking-care-of-the-body maneuvers when I am in the writing/blogging/graphics zone or sense that I am imminently heading into one.

My daughter suggested creating the snacky tray before I even turn on the computer. How well she knows me!

This is what a typical snacky tray lunch looks like for me:

Blogger's Lunch

Some days it’s an apple or a peach instead of a banana, whole wheat crackers or saltines, more veggies, less fruit. I also mix it up by adding a slice of protein here and there, or a small fresh fruit smoothie.

It’s just so much easier to convince my busy brain to grab a cranberry-raisin or a dried date than to sit and eat a salad with a fork, especially while typing.

How many times have I wiped dressing off the keyboard?
Well, enough to know it’s not a fluke of universal anomaly-ness. 😉

I figure:

Eating healthy foods a little at a time is certainly better than eating no food a lot at a time.

Keepin’ It Real

For full disclosure, in the interests of keeping it real, I didn’t make my snacky tray this morning because my stomach was a bit upset. Probably the stress of wondering if my daughter will need surgery or not.

All that vulnerability to say, I’m having a whole wheat berry salad for a late lunch and … yah, I think I have a little dressing on my keyboard … even though I’m eating it with a spoon.  🙂

It’s Your Turn

  • How do you feed your creative mind and body?
  • What makes your lunch life easier?

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