Big Reveal: Home Office Reading Knook

Home Office_The Big Reveal Begins


I’m SO excited to share my new home office pics with you! As with many of life’s endeavors, I still have a few dreams in the works, but for the most part, Twisker’s Room aka MNO (My New Office) aka SuzB’s Grotto is ready for business!

I could bombard you with all the pics in one post, but I know what happens to me when there are too many pics to absorb in one go: everything starts to blur. And I love you too much to do that. Red heart

Snuggling right up next to my love for you, I have some last minute summertime squeak-in-between-medical-moments joys to behold, so I’m using the abundance of office news to fill in my blog schedule.  Smile

You Win, I Win, We All Win

In the interests of all of us winning (hmmm, reminds me of the Ravellenic games!), I’ll do the big reveal bit by bit, over the next few weeks, kind of like the way I wish I could eat dairy-free cheesecake.  Winking smile

And now [some] of the pictures you’ve been waiting for!

Reading Knook

Let’s start with one of the most popular tourist spots of the office, the Reading Knook.

Bookcase and Cozy Spot to Read

The pillows are resting on a wooden daybed, which was my son’s for over a decade (sniffle) and is still in top notch shape.

The abundance of wow-what-a-deal pillows are now beloved of all who cozy up while Mumsie is working (lightly), medical moments need recovering from, political conventions are on, or life just gets too crazy and we want to escape complete with a “working” message smacked onto the door.

Hey, it’s hard work saying no to crazy-making.

I’ll be sharing more about that when I reveal what is just to the right of the bookcase. Winking smile

Tattered Spines

Well-Loved Books and Painting

I can hear some of you thinking, “Oh my! Her spines are tattered! Her books don’t match! The heights aren’t aligned in descending order!

It doesn’t bother me (too much) because two of the worst-for-the-wear books are Bibles.  🙂

And I have other voices in my head to compete. Voices that say: “Oh my!  I love that she loves books – literally to death! I love that she is actually reading the books, not just decorating with them.

Guess whose voice is a complement to my reality?  Winking smile

* Bonus Thought: Some of you have the ability to line up still-perfect spines, even after reading the books several times through. I applaud you for that!  I’m just not one of your amazing kind. I read ’em, love ’em (or not), then either give them away, sell them or keep them.

The more I have loved them, the more likely I am to keep them. Hence, the state of my bookshelf.  🙂

Did You See the Artwork?

Did you notice the little painting above the shelf of tattered words?  My daddy painted it years and years ago.  Red heart

Healthy Snack Bar

I don’t really have transitional prose to bring you to the snack bar, but who needs transitions when there are yummies involved!

Having a mini-fridge (Many thanks to my son who left his dorm refrigerator for us!) in the office has saved me much dehydration and starvation.

Sometimes I just get so caught in the writing (I know you know! Winking smile  I’m hushing soon!), that I forget to eat or drink. This little snack center (inspired by this pin) has been a great gift to my health.

Healthy Snack Bar
And that’s the end of today’s tour. Much more to come!  Be sure to sign up for emails so you don’t miss the rest of my little office and maybe glean some ideas for turning your dreams into realities.  Smile

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