Big Reveal: Home Office Message Board

Home Office Message Board

Since my last post explained the reasoning behind revealing bits of the office at a time, I’ll just share a few pics of our message board center rather than a lot of words.

Well, maybe a little bit of reasoning – about the contents of the photosWinking smile

“Mumsie, We Need a Chalkboard!”

That may or may not be my fault.

It was I who started the whole “We need a chalkboard!” obsession when I began homeschooling the children many edu-adventures ago.

In my defense, I blame science. 🙂

  •  Science gave scientists a job.
  • It was that job that allowed scientists to create chalk pencils.
  • It was the package of chalk pencils that instigated the plea for a new chalkboard. (Our old one didn’t hold chalk marks anymore.)
  • It was the plea that led to the purchase of the chalkboard.

Then …

  • The chalkboard led to the really cute eraser.
  • The pencils and eraser needed a home.
  • More science (See? I told you it was science’s fault!) came into play as I crocheted a hanging bag.
  • The bag needed a hook, so I used one of those sticky-hangers in a cute crystal knob look. Crochet Holder for Chalkboard Supplies

All that punctuated by several-I’m-sorry’s-to-my-husband, who found hanging the chalkboard on the door a lot more challenging than it first appeared.

But now, we can:

  • Draw things like cows (They were supposed to be cows, but they didn’t look like cows, so I erased them.)
  • Write notes (Isn’t my daughter sweet to me?)

Message Board

And the vital office task of attaching “working” notes, so as not to be interrupted while coming up with creative ways to introduce a simple message board on a blog in which I offer tours of my home office.   Smile

Speaking of tours, today’s has concluded, but be sure to sign up for emails so you don’t miss the next one!

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