Big Reveal: Home Office Where the Work Gets Done

Before I show you some of the pretties in my office (probably next post), let me show you some of the dreams in progress where the real work gets done.

Chewy and Blogging Binder

Hmmmm, now that I think of it, that sentence up there might be why the desk area has been the last to conquer. Maybe because every time I sit down to work I’m not dreaming, I’m working!

Desk is Work in Progress

All Work and No Dreams is Just Plain Boring

I do have some desk dreams (you knew I did), such as:

  • A laminate work surface or another prettifying technique for our old computer desk.
  • Some Poppins desk accessories, which I hope to see in real life when we get to The Container Store one of these days.
  • A small writing desk in the little spot between the entry door and the closet door (seen below), so we can do old-fashioned paper paperwork.

Space for a Small Writing Desk

Motivation to Move and to Stay Put

I thought about having someone help me move my letter writing desk into the office, but I reallllllly love the location it sits in now. Besides, there’s not nearly enough work space to pull out all the bills and budget folders, so another win-win. Smile

Speaking of winning, the little calendar page below says:


Motivation is when your dreams put on work clothes.” – Milton Berle

It’s hard to see our dreams come to pass when we are just putting one foot in front of the other. Sometimes we need to step back from the fray and discover what our dreams really are.

And that itself, like Virginia Woolf discovered, may take a little room of our own.

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More of the home office tour coming soon!

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