Big Reveal: Home Office Pretties

Office Pretties

I promised in my last post to show you some of the pretties in my new office space. I think they are pretty; I hope you do, too!

Handmade Pretty: The Doily of Challenge

Our Red Heart Crochet Along group on Ravelry had a month of challenge this summer. We had to choose a pattern, a stitch, a technique that would be challenging to us personally.

What challenges one person may a breeze to another and vice versa.

That’s why “comparing yourself to one another” really is a raw deal.

The challenge I chose was working from a chart – in contrast to written crochet code – to make a thread doily.

Doily of Challenge

Laying the finished labor of love* over a little outdoorsy table (snagged from the She Shed), I have a pretty spot for my Princess Water and blogger’s lunches, so I can sip and snack while I work.

Keeping Hydrated

Store Bought Pretty: Beach Mat Inspiration

This is the “pretty” that inspired my office colors.


I thought the pillowed beach mat might enjoy hanging around the office, reminding me it’s close and so is the beach.

Which reminds me: I. MUST. GO. TO. THE. BEACH.

Painted Pretty: Closet Door

Each time my painting-master husband asked about my office paint colors, he would clarify, “Green on the inside? But not the outside?”  Yep!

Even my creative daughter questioned my thought process.

But now that it’s done, how HAPPY I am!

Close the door, white. Open the door – surprise! – green!

Surprise! It's Green Inside!

Close the door, white again!  Open the door, green!

(And yah, I did that several times in real life to prove to my husband and daughter that it really DOES make me extraordinarily happy!)

I still have jazzing up paint dreams which include a bit of decorative whimsy, similar to what I did in my kitchen, but different, of course. I mean, this IS an office where serious work is done.  😉

Transitional Stage Pretty: Crochet Mail Bag (sniffle)

Doodle Bug's Mail Pouch

This little round-base goodie bag holds (keep it together, daMum) my son’s mail for me to process. At least until he finds a more permanent residence to have it forwarded. I miss my buddy boy, way up in DC on his way to who-knows-where by now.  He is having so many grand adventures, how can I be sad?  Well, how can I be sad for him, at least.  Red heart

More Lace Pretty: Curtain Tie Back

As I look out my office window, I think: this was his window. This was my son’s window. This is the window he looked out of, when he looked out of it.

This is the room he dreamed in. And now, this is the room I dream in.

Oh dear, the tears are welling. Let me move on and tell you about the curtain ties …

Having just finished the Doily of Challenge, I wasn’t quite ready to go back into the thread world (rather like when I finished the homeschool challenge I wasn’t ready to back into the other world right off the bat), but I really wanted a crocheted curtain tie.

Window View

I started this piece of crocheted lace a few years back for some reason (involving our TV stand, I think), but I never finished it.

Some dreams ya just gotta let go.

But … the dream came back in a different form: a curtain tie!

Some dreams are like that. We let them go. And they come back to love us!

Speaking of Dreams Coming Back

Did you miss the Reading Knook or the Message Board?

Did you see where the work gets done?

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