Big Reveal: Can’t Let It All Go

Doodle Bug's Mail Pouch

I really tried to be brave when my son left home, when he pulled out of the driveway for adventures unknown. Most of that bravery was disguised as office planning.

You see, we live in a small cottage, less than 1000 sq’. There was just enough room to raise and homeschool two incredible children into adulthood, but not much more. Not much more room, that is.

So as my son’s belongings moved bit by bit, chunk by chunk out the door, my office dreams began to emerge from my imagination into my reality.

His bed – a heavy wooden daybed – stayed where it has been for 16 years. Now it’s ready for guests, for convalescing and for afternoon naps, as the need arises. Other than that, everything else of his is either with him or in the attic.

Except for this:

Remnants of the Doodle Bug

I just couldn’t get rid of his fan pull cord. Silly how I could go through boxes and boxes and BOXES of stuff, tossing much, saving a little, tearing up, well, you know, once in a while.

But when it came to taking down his pull cord décor, I just couldn’t do it. I still can’t do it.

Well, I tell myself, I wanted a little splash of red in here anyway.

[Glancing up to look at the reality of the red splash.]

I wonder, if you cry with your head tilted up would the tears run down the back of the throat?

I’m almost found out. But I just realized. I drank an awful lot of Princess Water this afternoon.  And I have to … you know … well, say bye for now.  Red heart

Can't Quite Say Good-bye

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