Big Reveal: Working from Home Best Way to Say Yes

Best Way to Say Yes Title

I have a home office theme. It’s a simple theme: No.

Whaaaaat? No? Really?

It’s hard work saying no to crazy-making. We need a little help saying the word because life has a major way of making us feel crazy, think crazy and act crazy.

I don’t mean crazy as in fun-loving, like naming your vacuum cleaner Max or hanging a metal lizard named Lorenzo Agave from your walk-through (I forgot to take a pic, sorry) so that tall people have to say hello to him or risk untangling his ribs from their hair.

That’s just fun.

Crazy, in this case, is saying yes to everything, becoming so overwhelmed our doctors tell us we’d better slow down – even though we’re in our youthful 30’s – or we’ll die.

Yes, that happened to me. No, I’m not in my 30’s. Yes, I listened to my doctor. Yes, that’s how I got to be … well, more than 30.

Undoing the Crazy

When that kind of crazy happens, we have to undo what we got ourselves into.

How did we get there? By saying yes.

How do we get out? By saying no.

Best Way to Say Yes

I Want to Say Yes

I want to say yes to:

  • People.
  • Opportunities.
  • Fun.
  • Work.
  • Play.
  • TV.
  • Crochet.
  • Books.
  • Serving.
  • Naps.
  • Writing.
  • Graphic design.
  • Caring.
  • Cooking.
  • Eating.
  • Drinking.
  • Organizing
  • Cleaning.
  • Caring for myself (that shouldn’t be last, by the way).

Two Wooden Letters

In order to say yes to all of those things, sometimes I have to say no to them, too.

That’s why I have two giant wooden letters – a gift from my young gentleman friend, K – which I painted to look like the fancy metal (read: expensive) letters I fell in love with shopping with my young lady daughter, W.

Say No to Say Yes

It was W’s idea to spell NO. We’d been singing a popular song about the word (and a girl whose name is No Winking smile ) and it absolutely fit the office environment I wanted to create.

Not that I always want to say no. I like saying yes. But I do want to need to choose my yeses carefully.

Choose your yeses carefully.

Cementing the No via a Pen

Cementing the theme into my consciousness, my daughter and I found this pen.

With gift card in hand (yay!), I could – without guilt – say yes. Which this pen definitely does NOT say.

The Key to Getting Work Done is Saying No

What does it say?

I hope to be able to upload its voice. (Yes, it talks. Smile )

Is it here? Can you see it? Can you hear it?

(It’s my first audio file upload! I feel like I just gave birth. Well, not really. But it is exciting.)

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If you don’t see the listen-y box or hear the pen, please let me know. I must’ve missed a step in the learning process.

If you don’t want to click to hear it, that’s ok. You can say what the pen says and no one will … know. Winking smile

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