10! Start with a Toy – Operation Christmas Child Weekly Countdown

It’s time to pull out your shoeboxes! Whether you’ve been creating and gathering for the last 42 weeks or are just getting started, let’s countdown and fill up together!

Let’s start with a toy, since Operation Christmas Child suggests one WOW toy in each shoebox.

What’s a WOW toy? It’s something that makes a child light up – and say WOW! – when they see it!


Not Sure What Toy Will Wow?

I have two three ideas to get you started.

First Idea: Keep an Eye Out

While out doing your regular shopping, look for:

  • Sales.
  • Buy one get ones (BOGOs).
  • Clearance racks.

We found these adorable creatures on the after-Christmas clearance rack for 99 cents and $3.



Second Idea: Harness Your Toy Love

Begin with something you loved as a kid – or would love to play with now.

For example, see this pretty pink purse Linda donated?

Are you swooning? I’m swooning. 

Toys for a Girl

Just think of the Princess-themed box you could create using this purse as inspiration for your toy shopping!

I’m thinking tiara, clip-clop fancy shoes (check the clearance rack in the shoe dept) and maybe a tea set, crocheted or otherwise.

What would you pack for a princess?



Toys for a Boy

My pastor’s childhood stories of Rifleman come to mind, but we can’t send toy guns in shoeboxes as many children are living in war-torn areas (stinks, doesn’t it? Sad smile ).

But we can send a cowboy hat, a bag of marbles and a bandana!  Smile

Crochet Bag by SuzBroadhurst

Third Idea: Browse a Bit

For more toy ideas, browse:

Toys Abound, Cautions are Few

When you are out toy shopping keep these cautions in mind:

  • No guns, knives or swords.
  • No camouflage.
  • No military-themed items.
  • No glass or other breakable items.

Other than those few toys to avoid, have fun toy shopping!  Let us know what you find!  🙂

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