Ravellenic Games Meets Operation Christmas Child


Wow! Seems like we just celebrated the Summer Olympics and now we’re talking Operation Christmas Child!  I recently had the delight to participate in the summer (yarn) games in real life. Well, not in Rio, but in the comfort of my own recliner, hook in hand, yarn on the skein ready to unroll!

Amazing Force of Creative Types

I’m talking about the Ravellenics Games, an amazing force of creative types that join together on Ravelry to compete (against ourselves) for laurels and medals in various events, such as the Hat Dash and WIPs Wrestling, all projects created during the Olympics games from torch lighting to torch outage.

Collage of Medals and Laurels Ravellenics 2016

Knowing the Operation Christmas Child countdown would begin just a few weeks after the games, I decided to focus (mostly) on making crocheted gifts for our shoeboxes.

Having thousands – yes, thousands! – of other participants all hooking and needling their way (for various causes, gifts and profits) to the finish line was such inspiration!  And what fun to be involved in the graphic creation of ravatars and laurels for a few Ravelry groups, including my personal fav: Red Heart Lovers.

Team Red Heart_500x500_Ravatar by SuzBroadhurst

Projects to Inspire YOU!

In the interests of inspiring your creativity for shoebox love, here are some of the projects I completed during the games, specifically the ones I made for Operation Christmas Child.


(pattern on Ravelry)


Eagle Wings

Red Heart HeadbandHeart Headband


Lollipop Dishcloth

(pattern on Ravelry)

Lollipop Dishcloth

Gingham Dishcloth

(pattern on Ravelry)

Mod-Gingham Dishcloth

Crayon Case


Pencil Case


Hats, Purses, Goodie Bags, Pencil Cases and More

WIPs Wrestling Ravellenics 2016

Busy Yarn Bee: More Ravellenics Projects

I really kept my hook flying for those two weeks!  Well, I should say, week and a half because I took a couple of days off to lounge around a pool with my daughter.   Smile

You can see all of my Ravellenics 2016 projects in my Ravelry bundle.  You’ll recognize my personal Ravellenics creations (in contrast to the patterns I used) because they’ll have a hook and sticky note, as in this pic of a baby hat for Operation Little Feet:

Red. White and Blue Hat_Rav

 (Thank you, Stormbat, for the hook and note graphic. 🙂 )

One of the more complex projects I completed was a colorwork Maya purse, which I am over the Mayan moon about!  My daughter was too, so I made her an art tablet cover in the colors of her choice.  Can you guess which one is hers? And which one is for sale? Smile

Maya Purse

Maya Purse for Winter

Pocket for Pen Maya Purse

Feeling Behind, But That’s Ok

I’m still feeling behind last year’s crochet haul for Operation Christmas Child, but of course, last year I thought I was behind, too.

However it works out is how it will work out. Children will be blessed, God’s truth will be made known, and lives will be changed … at home and beyond.

I just wish we could reach one more, don’t you?  Smile


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