8! Paper, Paper, Paper – Operation Christmas Child Weekly Countdown

2016 Operation Christmas Child Countdown 8

How many ways can we use paper to bless a child through Operation Christmas Child?

How many ways can we use paper to tell a child we love them – and more importantly, that God loves them?

How can we communicate care, concern, and truth with a simple gift like paper?

Paper, Paper, Paper for Operation Christmas Child

I can think of several ways. Here are a few:

Glue a flower on paper … Mrs Judy Flower Card

… and write a personal note to the child who will receive your shoebox.

Mrs Judy Flower Card_open


Sew a cover for their notepad.

Fabric Covered Notepads


Order Operation Christmas Child promotional materials and tell others about the project.

OCC Supplies


Share a Bible verse.

Paper Love

 Include blank stationery with a pre-addressed return envelope in your shoebox.

(No stamps, please. There are international laws to follow.)
Return Stationery


Wrap your shoebox all pretty, if you want to.

(If our shoeboxes get wrapped, it’s only because my husband is a master wrapper and I … well … I can wrap, I just don’t like to. Gotta stick with what I can do well rather than fret about what I’d rather not. 😉 )

Wrapping Paper


Paper is a world changing substance.
Just think of the lives – including your own – which have been touched by paper.

If you think of other ways to use paper to bless a child through Operation Christmas Child, please share them with us. We’re in this together! Smile

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