WOW is right! God Provides Wow Toys!

Wowza Toys

You know how I encouraged you to start your Operation Christmas Child shoebox with a Wow Toy? I kept feeling the nudge to pray about those very kinds of toys. We needed a few more “somethings” for our shoeboxes that would make the kids go WOW!  Who knew (God did!) that the WOW wasn’t going to be reserved just for the kiddos this year!

Look What God Did!

A few days after praying for more Wow Toys – thinking I had enough paper and hygiene items for our family’s shoeboxes, but not enough larger toys – God did this:

Wow Toys 1

The grasshopper is a magnifying glass!

Wow Toys 3

Baby dolls and stuffed animals galore!

Wow Toys 2

And even more!

Now we’ll need more school supplies and hygiene items, if all these lovable creatures are going to go out in 2016 shoeboxes.

Wow Toys 5

Some Toys Need a Ditty Bag

We also received some Wow Toys that need a little love before they can go in the shoeboxes.  We’re making ditty bags (sewn and crocheted) for toys like puzzles and for the wooden doll set.

Wow Toys 7

Everything was given to us for free, too!

OCC Logo

Spa Day for Dollies

Some of us little girls at heart had a Spa Day for Dollies: bubble baths and hairdos. Next, we’ll make outfits: crochet, knit and/or sewn.

Wow Toys 4

I already crocheted a skirt for one baby doll and a sweater for a larger doll. I should have used a smaller hook, as it came out well-past newborn size, but I’m hoping it will fit one of the larger dolls.  And I’m hoping the larger dolls will fit in shoeboxes!  🙂


Making dolls from scratch is enjoyable, but what fun crocheting for ready-made dolls! 

God IS at Work

Is God at work?


God is absolutely at work! He is providing the opportunity to share the Good News of His Son, Jesus, through simple gifts like giraffes and dolls.

I mean, it was His idea to offer us the gift of salvation to begin with.

So, what’s an extra several dozen Wow Toys to speed the heart of the message to the hearts of children, their families, and their communities?  Smile

2016 Operation Christmas Child Countdown Are You In

It’s Your Turn

  • What are you trusting God to provide for your shoeboxes this year?  
  • Have you asked Him for His help?

How wonderful to know we are not in this world alone.  🙂  Let’s share that comfort with little ones.

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