Loom Flower Notecards for Shoeboxes

Loom Flower Notecards

What will I be writing my notes on this year?  Loom Flower Notecards, of course!

If I don’t have time to handwrite notes to the children, I’ll type up a letter, make copies and glue place it inside the notecard.  In fact, that is what I’ll do.

This way the children will still have pretty notecards they can write in!  Smile

Mrs Judy Flower Card_open

See how helpful you are, my friends!

Giving me ideas as I process the … um … process!  Red heart

Loom Flowers are a Win-Win-Win-Win!

Mrs. Judy makes loom flowers by the dozens – by the hundreds, I should say!

It’s a win-win-win-win situation.  She has an outlet for her creativity, I don’t ever have to wonder what to use to decorate a hat or purse or note card, and we all get to make gifts for little ones to enjoy and display in their homes!

We even made some into bookmarks!

Loom Flowers on Popsicle Sticks


Loom Flower Bookmarks_Crochet

TIP: If you are gluing loom flowers on anything (notecard, popsicle stick, etc) be sure to use plenty of glue. The yarn soaks up quite a bit all by itself.

You May NoticeFYI … and All That

You may notice a change in the scheduling of the Operation Christmas Child Countdown posts. Or you may not notice.  😉

In Case You Wonder Why:

Throughout the year, I try to stick to a Tue/Thurs posting schedule. Shoebox season always gets my calendar tinsel in a tangle, though, as I try to make sure the weekly countdown is as close to the actual day of the week the countdown represents.  (No worries if that tangled your brain. It tangles mine every year.)

To further the tinsel tangling, I put an announcement in our church bulletin which works out beautifully for the Sunday posts since we go to church on Sunday and all.

However, it goes out in email form on … you guessed it … Thursday. So the folks clicking that link see the previous week’s countdown.

In the interests of everyone’s sanity – if not living strictly by the clock – beginning next post, the countdown will count down on Thurs and the companion “more info” posts will come out on Tues.

You may not even notice, or care, but I thought it best I try to explain my behavior in case you did.  🙂

This will also keep my Sunday saner because I won’t feel the need to update the Countdown Page before church, which usually leads this moose to an email muffin which leads to a social media check which leads to more rabbit trails than I have time for on a Sunday morn.  🙂

Whew, now that all that is off my brain cells … 

It’s Your Turn

  • Do you have an older person at church or a housebound friend who enjoys crafting?
  • Can you supply them with a couple of ideas, some simple craft supplies and see what the Lord does?
  • What can you do with a loom flower? I need all the ideas I can get!  Smile

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