BONUS POST: Hurricane a-Coming

Hello, my friends!

Just a note to let you know that we are battening down the hatches (figuratively speaking, ’cause we don’t have any batten for the hatches) for the approach of Matthew.

I wrote several weeks ahead, so come rain or shine you’ll be in the Operation Christmas Child countdown loop even if I’m not able to access the computer. Or electricity. Or water.  At least until Week 4 or so.

If you don’t see the countdown page updated, you’ll know at the very least that we lost power. But you can always see the latest post here.

Funny (funny?) thought: A couple of us radical shoeboxers are more concerned about seeing our 2016 stash float away than our personal possessions. We figure they are God’s, though. We’re just the temporary hunters/gatherers/keepers/senders.   🙂

And so … this California-raised give-me-an-earthquake-any-day girl is going to keep her boots planted at her Florida cottage during this oh-dear-gravy-that’s-a-big-‘un storm.


Pray for those in the path of Matthew, ‘k?

See you on the flip side of the eye!

Love ‘n’ life one gifted moment at a time,



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