All’s Well at Cozy Top Cottage

Matthew knocked, whistled, howled at our door for about twice as long as I expected.  I really thought half way through we were through. Uh, nope.

Power popped on and off (still is this morning), but if it keeps popping back on we’re content at Cozy Top Cottage.

Several friends and some family may not be in the same boat.  And the community at large, the state at large, is certainly going through much.

Please pray.  Please donate to genuine causes that will get the help directly to the people.



(No time for pics, we’re going to check on an elderly friend.)

P.S. We did a homeschool thing during the early part of the storm (before the wind started to make its hideous noises).

We had a BIG bag of alka-seltzer tablets left over from a few science experiments years ago.

They were expired by 8 years – has it been that long? – so the kids (my 20-something girlie girl and her boyyyyyfriend 😉 ) tossed them into puddles off the front porch. 

I even videotaped it.  It’s riveting. Well, not really. It was actually kind of a fizzled bust. But they did it. And it brought back memories of good times and that’s what’s important.

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