HELP NEEDED! Prep AND Packing Days

Help Needed

Remember how I mentioned our little Operation Christmas Child team is growing?  We need it to grow a bit (a bunch?) more!

This year, we’ll be holding our first ever church-wide packing day.

What a gift to be able to put together our shoeboxes – together!

But our little team needs help!  Lots of help.  🙂Teamwork

Local Folks

If you are available to help Friday November 4 for set up and/or Saturday November 5 on Packing Day, we sure would be grateful. Red heart

Peppermint Suz

What kinds of help do we need?

  • Prayer (for packers and for children who receive shoeboxes),
  • Friday: set up. Lots of set up!
  • Saturday: manning (or woman-ing) packing tables. Guidance provided! It’ll be easy!
  • Techno skills to run a video on loop on the big screen,
  • The ever-present evidence of work done: The clean up.  Smile

Clean Up

See why we need a team? 

If local folks can help, please see me at church or drop me an email or give me a call or schedule a stop by the house. I have things we can do here at the cottage, too! Open-mouthed smile

Cozy Top Cottage_A Work of God's Grace

As the owner of this OCC coordinator’s soul (for some reason I’m going all third person), I can say: She will be much relieved and so very thankful for your help!  Party smile

Remember Who It’s For

Remember: It’s not for her, the coordinator, that we’re doing this.

It’s for and with Him, the Coordinator of All Things for All Time.

And for them


Photo courtesy of Samaritan’s Purse

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