Handmade Pencil Cases and Marker Bags

Goody Bags for Operation Christmas Child

Last post, we talked about the variety of writing utensils we can put in our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. This time around, let’s look at the variety of goody bags we can make for those crayons, pencils (and sharpeners!), markers, and pens.

A Sampling of Goody Bags

Here’s a sampling of the types of goody bags you can make for Operation Christmas Child. The crocheted ones were made without a pattern, just playing with stitches, sometimes starting with a crochet canoe.

From WIP to Pen Case

This one I made from Something-I-Started-to-Make-But-Forgot-What-It-Was (also known as a WIP: Work in Progress) so I made a pen case by stitching up the sides and adding a 3-ch, sl st ruffle on top.

Crochet Pen Case

Just Ducky for Crayons

I had fun watching this ducky appear out of what seemed to be nowhere as I followed the pattern blindly. I think he’s rather adorable, don’t you?

Crayon Bag

Simple Canoe Case

This is a simple canoe case built up to crayon height, with a round of ch 2, dc, followed by a round of sc to make holes for the beaded drawstring.

Crochet Crayon Bag

Fabric Drawstring Bag

Here’s a drawstring goody bag that was sewn on a sewing machine.

See those perfect corners and straight lines?

You know what that tells you?  I didn’t make it!  Winking smile

Goodie Bag Made by Ellen

Thank you, Ellen, for sending me pictures as an example of the kinds of fabric goody bags you are making for Operation Christmas Child.  Red heart You really know how to keep your seams straight (literally and figuratively).  🙂

We hope it will inspire you, the readers, to rev up your sewing machines!

Goodie Bag_closed_Made by Ellen

Can’t you just see a child carrying their treasures around in this beautiful bag?

Or bringing their family’s bag of rice back from the village market?

Or toting their school supplies, walking through the jungle to and from class?

More pencil, marker, pen, crayon cases, goody bags, totes and such …

QUICK TIP: Toss the Trash on This Side of the World

When you start to fill your goody bags, consider taking the writing supplies out of their original packaging. It helps the receiving countries with their trash disposal challenges. Smile

Markers_Empty Boxes

I do leave the crayons in their boxes, so if any meltage occurs it won’t mess up the bag as much.

Reality Check:  “Meltage” isn’t a spell-checker approved word?! Craziness! And possibly even inconceivable!  (Ok, so I tried to resist looking it up and just couldn’t do it.  Turns out “meltage” is a word. And it means just what we think it does. Take that, spell-checker.  😉 )

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