5! Filler Fun: Operation Christmas Child Weekly Countdown

2016 Operation Christmas Child Countdown 5

Shoebox Checklist

Wow Toys Thumbs up

Handmade Gift Thumbs up

Paper Thumbs up

A Note from You Thumbs up

Writing Utensils Thumbs up

What’s next?

So … it might be time to share a little insider secret to my Operation Christmas Child soul.  Are you ready? Can you handle the real me?

I. Like. Toys.

Yah, I know. I’m 50 years old and counting. But am I counting up or downOpen-mouthed smile
When my Daddy turned 50, he started counting backwards in age until we met in the middle and then we would grow old together. He was 45 when I was born, so I thought it was a good plan. It just didn’t last as long as either one of us would have liked. Red heart

[Wooohoooooooo, Suzannnnnnne … come back from the trip down memory lane … you are writing a blog post about Operation Christmas Child …]

Ah, so where was I?  Ah yes, toys.  I like them.

Toys: Wow and Little

I like shopping for them, taking them out of the packaging (so we don’t create a heap of trash in countries without curbside disposal services), playing with them – for just a moment Winking smile – then packing them in shoeboxes for their long journey to another part of the world.


This year, our home-field Operation Christmas Child team has been busy, busy collecting all kinds of toys big (WOW!) and little.

Here are a few pics to give you an idea what kinds of goodies you can find to fill in the nooks and crannies of your shoeboxes:

Filler Fun
All of these came from Linda, a champion Filler Collector!
These little babies came to me nearly naked.
Babies Need Clothes from Linda
So I crocheted some dresses and even a pair of tiny bloomers for the green dressed doll because she didn’t come with pre-painted panties.

Babies Have New Clothes

Are You a Filler Collector?

Do you like to collect lots of little toys from hither and yon?  If so, you might just be a Filler Collector!

Did you know you can send filler gifts to Operation Christmas Child without needing to put together a shoebox?

Some shoeboxes arrive at the processing centers a little on the light side. You can make a child’s Christmas a little on the brighter side by sending handmade and store-bought filler gifts, like toys, hats and more.

Toys from Linda H
 Just drop them off in a box (shoe or otherwise) labeled FILLER, wherever you would take a complete shoebox. Let the collection center know they are fillers. They should know what you mean.  If they don’t, I’m sure they’d love to know about it!

Got Filler?

Some groups – like our church – hold packing days where we all come together, bringing what we have gathered and pack shoeboxes together. Kind of a collective Borg experience, but with good purposes in mind. Smile

If you have filler gifts, or bar soap, or school supplies or toothbrushes coming out your ears, let’s put them in a shoebox!

Wonder what to look for?

Here’s a list of Gifts Ideas by Age (pdf) that will help. But really, if it fits the criteria (no military items, no guns, no knives, no glass, no liquids, nothing freaky or scary), it’ll work in a shoebox.   Smile

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  1. Dottie Peters says:

    I love the toys, too, but then I love everything that goes into the shoebox. I love to buy it (looking for great deals all year round!), take it out of the packaging, and sort it according to age and gender groups! This year I made tic-tac-toe games by laminating and scoring backed decorated paper, glueing directions on the back, and adding foam circles as tokens.

    • Oh, that’s brilliant about the tic-tac-toe game! I love the variety of ways people use their creative abilities to fill up shoeboxes. All generations, all ages can participate. 🙂 Happy Packing, Dottie! Oh, do you ever Follow Your Boxes to know where they are going? If so, I’d love to know where yours go this year!

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