Crocheted Bracelets for Operation Christmas Child

A Variety of Bracelets for Operation Christmas Child

So many bracelet patterns are on the internet free for the making!

Here are a few that I’ve made for Operation Christmas Child to use as filler gifts for our shoeboxes.

I hope they inspire you to make gifts for your shoeboxes!

If you aren’t a crafter, maybe you could commission a crafty friend to make some for you.

Flower Bracelet

(pattern on Ravelry)Flower Bracelet 2

Flower Bracelet

Photo taken before joining short ends.Flower Bracelet Pink and Yellow

Simple Cable Bracelet

(pattern on Ravelry)Simple Cable Bracelet

Sideways Shell Bracelet

I don’t have a pattern for this one because I made it up on the fly.
That’s the fun of crocheting.
Just start playing around with stitches.
If it makes a strip of yarn fabric, join the ends and make a bracelet! 
Sideways Shell Bracelet

Jingle Bell Bracelet

Jingle Bell Bracelet Finished


Happy Bracelet

Happy Bracelet

Happy Christmas Bracelet

Happy Christmas Bracelet

 Just think of the little girls whose hearts will be elevated, whose dignity will be embossed on their souls, whose lives will be imprinted upon with our simple gifts.

Operation Christmas Child - Philippines 


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