Spa Day for Dollies and Making Doll Clothes

Ready for Spa Day

The day began like any other: with the sounds of a tub filling for a little girl. Red heart But these little girls are still little and will always be little (unlike the real girl I raised who is now a young woman, living her life beautifully).

These little girls are dolls.

Well, my girl is a doll, too, but these are real dolls.

Uh oh, I hear her now “I’m not a real doll?”

Yes, my daughter is a real doll.

Oh dear, how do I word this to stay out of trouble???

Spa Day Clients

Plastic Girls

These girls are plastic!  There, that’s it!

My girl is certainly not plastic, she’s the real live deal.

But this post is about plastic dolls (part of the WOW Toy Haul of 2016) … and how my friend, Deloris, and I gave them a Spa Day.

You can have a Spa Day for Dollies, too!

Prepare for Spa Day for Dollies

Set out the supplies …

Spa Day Supplies

… fill the tub …

Getting the Bubble Bath Ready

Insider Tip for Reader’s Only: Fill the tub AFTER you put it on the elevated front porch not before, or you’ll have to dump out the water – it watered the grass, at least – and refill.)

… give the babies a bath …

Love in a Cloud_Doll Makeover

… then comb out their hair.

Using hair conditioner is SUPER TIP from ClipWithPurpose.

Pretty in Purple_Barbie Makeover

Making Doll Clothes

While the girls dried on their towels, I got my crochet hook out and starting making clothes for them.

This little number is one of my favorite doll dress patterns so far.

(Scroll down for pattern links.)

Pretty in Blue_Doll Makeover

I also made her some undies, which may look complex, but are actually quite easy.

Crocheted Undies_Doll Makeover

I also crocheted a sweater for a baby doll (the doll is pictured a few photos up), but I used too large of a hook and it came out way too big. I’ll have to try it on one of the larger dolls when I get a chance. One day I’ll learn that gauge does matter.

Crochet Sweater for a Doll

Patterns for Doll Clothes

I almost forgot to tell you which patterns I used so far!  Silly me. I mean, the whole reason I’m sharing all of this is so that you will be inspired to make gifts for your Operation Christmas Child toys, too!  Red heart

OCC Logo Smaller

Purple Dress for Barbie

The purple dress for Barbie I made by adapting this pattern on Ravelry. The change I made was basically adding interest to the stitch (all those sc get soooo boring). So I made a round of dc, ch-1s and then several rounds of ch-3, scs. I also played with the stitch count as I went along.

Baby Doll Sweater and Skirt

I used this pattern to make the baby doll a hearted sweater. (This one actually fits, as you can see! Winking smile ).

I added an itty bitty heart on the sweater to match the skirt, which was basically a small version of the shell stitch ditty bag without the bottom seam. Instead of working in the oval with a canoe, I just chained long enough to go around the doll’s waist, joined with a sl st, then worked in rounds.  Add the drawstring at the top and you have a skirt.  🙂

Doll Dress with Waistband Bow

The dress pattern is for a 5″ Berenguer Baby Doll, but I found it worked quite nicely for a taller, leaner doll, too.

The panties I made by simply chaining long enough to go around her waist (and over the hips), then worked in the round until the right length. Join at the crotch (what a weird word) with a couple of sc.

Oh and this is the same pattern I used to make a dress for a bigger doll.  I just increased the initial chain and the arm hole size.

Pretty Pink Dress_Doll Makeover

Bloomers, too!

Pretty Pink Dress and Bloomers_Doll Makeover

The Over-sized Sweater

The too big sweater was made with a G-hook. Follow the instructions (uh duh, Suzanne) for a proper sized doll sweater.  Winking smile

Whew!  I think that’s all my doll stories – for now.  I still have several dolls to make outfits for.

What fun!

All for Little Ones Somewhere in the World …

Romania_Photo courtesy of Samaritan's Purse

Photo from Romania courtesy of Samaritan’s Purse


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