3! One Last Chance to Send Sweets – Operation Christmas Child Weekly Countdown

2016 Operation Christmas Child Countdown 3

UPDATE (Aug 2017):


Sugar! (One Last Time)

I know, I know, too much sugar is bad for us. The vast majority of kids who receive shoeboxes are in no danger of too much. A wee bit doesn’t hurt and it can make a child smile for years to come.

There is a bit of sour news in the land of sweets though. It has to do with laws, customs, bugs and such.

The Laws

Laws change life. (That’s why we need to be thought-filled when we vote.)

Most countries are very welcoming to Operation Christmas Child. And yet, there are some which would rather not have their people be influenced by the outside world.

From what I understand, they use all kinds of excuses not to let shoeboxes in. One of the excuses I have heard recently is: candy.

I don’t know all the details, but I do know that this (2016) is the last year we can send candy in our shoeboxes.

It is sad, but it’s a thing. So it’s best we just morph with the times rather than refuse to send shoeboxes (and the Gospel of Jesus Christ) just because we can’t send sugar.

Crochet Tea Party Set

The Bugs

Speaking of sugar …

Picture yourself as a shoebox.

You are sitting on a truck, then in a processing center, then on an airfield, then to a boat, then on the back of a camel.

shoebox transportation by camel

So far I want to be a shoebox! 🙂

But somewhere along the way, you hear a faint pecking sound on your skin (cardboard or plastic) and you think it’s your friend and neighbor, a fellow shoebox.

Suddenly, ouch! What was that?? Something chewed a hole in your side. Now it’s crawling INSIDE!  (Are you freaked out yet?)

It nibbles on the double bagged candy tucked near your heart. It chews. And chews. And chews. And poops. And poops.  And poops.

The pretty doll or craft you lovingly made for a child somewhere in the world now has bug poop on it. And her candy has been nibbled.Candy Cane Cozies

Oh, what a sad thought.

Are you thinking of all those sappy Christmas movies where things don’t seem to be working out, but then suddenly they do?

Well, this is real life. And there is no Hollywood agent brushing off the bug poop or replacing candy bags with even tastier treasures.

If that doesn’t motivate us to continue to send shoeboxes even without candy, well, maybe we could use a refresher on what Operation Christmas Child is all aboutSmile

I mean, it happens. We get hyper-focused on our projects throughout year and occasionally forget what we working so hard toward.

Mongolia OCC

Photo courtesy of Samaritan’s Purse

If you need some inspiration to keep packing shoeboxes sans candy, check this out:

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