The Paralympics (and Parallenics) Aquatic Softies

Parallenics 2016 Ravatar

I can’t remember if I told you about the Parallenics. I know we talked about the Ravellenics during Olympics, so can you guess what the Parallenics are?

Let’s start with the Paralympics …

What are the Paralympics?

The Paralympics goal is “to enable Para athletes to achieve sporting excellence and inspire and excite the world.” 

What is a Para Athlete?

The Paralympic Movement offers sport opportunities for athletes that have an impairment that belongs to one of ten eligible impairment types.

What are the Parallenics?

The Parallenics, then, is a grassroots (yarn fiber roots?) movement that is in the wee stages of beginning to think about happening on Ravelry, where all the yarn action takes place throughout the year and MAJOR action happens during the Olympics.

Our Para Connection

My daughter and I had fanatically hoped to see our – because my daughter shares friends so generously – amazing friend, Jaws (aka Jocelyn Neumuller) from Australia compete in the canoe competition in Rio.

We love you, Jaws!

Sadly, we learned the night of the opening ceremonies that for some reason (which has yet to be figured out) the USA was blocked from viewing the games online and the major networks didn’t show it either. Argh and grrr.

But I didn’t let that stop me! 

I mean, if Jaws with Cerebral Paraparesis can canoe and win the 2016 Australian National Championships, I can crochet in her honor even if I can’t see her on TV.

I started with my homemade version of the mascot:

Mascot Tom

Aquatic Kick

Not sure how it happened, but I got on an aquatic kick and made a bunch of marine creatures while the games were going on, even if I couldn’t watch them. (I keep saying that, don’t I? Well, yah, we were soooo disappointed. Sad smile)

I couldn’t see you, Jaws, but I thought of you all that week!

Oh wait … Jawsaquatic yah, I think I see the connection now. Island with a palm tree

Here are my Jaws-inspired creatures from the Paralympics/Parallenics Games of 2016!

A Fleet of Octopi

Fleet of Octopi

An Island of Marine Friends

Island Creatures

The sea around the island isn’t quite finished, so I haven’t planted the palm tree yet.

Island Play Set in Progress


Mini Manatee

Tiny Tiny Turtle

(with invisible legs because my hands hurt too much that week to try to make such tiny little legs).

Purple Turtle




Most of these will go into Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes – and they all work up quite easily.

I do hope you will pick your hook or needles or sewing machine and make something for Operation Christmas Child. It’s so much fun!

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