2! FREE Printable Coloring Books – Operation Christmas Child Weekly Countdown

2016 Operation Christmas Child Countdown 2

FREE Printable Coloring Books – UPDATED!

I did a little tweaking to the coloring books I created a few years ago. Always something new to learn and apply in the world of bytes and bits!  🙂

Here are two FREE printable coloring books (in two styles each) for your Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. The age recommendations are just suggestions, so feel to print any or all.

Coloring Book with Simple Bold Lines

This coloring book has simple, bold outlines for young ones developing motor skills.  Don’t forget to add crayons!

Free Printable Color Pages_Jesus Loves You

If you’d like *more coloring book for your paper-supply buck*, here are the same coloring pages in half-size with two pictures on one sheet of paper.


Coloring Booklet Creating Ideas

To make a little booklet, you can choose one of these ideas …

  • Fold the pages in the middle and staple. Every other page will have a picture, leaving room for the children to draw on the blank sides.
  • Cut in half, punch holes along one long side, and thread ribbon or yarn through the holes to bind like a little book.
  • Cut pages in half, staple at the top like a flip chart.
  • To save even more paper, print double sided. Complete as above.

Coloring Book of Crosses

I designed this coloring book of geometric shapes within crosses with older children in mind. Try to include colored pencils and a sharpener or a set of fine tip markers.

Oooh, which reminds me, we didn’t buy any colored pencils/sharpeners or fine tip markers this year. Maybe someone will bring a few sets to Packing Day. Hint, tip, suggestion, idea. Smile

Free Printable Coloring Book of Crosses_OperationChristmasChild

Connect with Color

You might like to print out a copy of the Coloring Book of Crosses for yourself, too.

Coloring offers a wonderful opportunity to mull the grace and mercy of our Savior, while praying for the child who receives your shoebox.

Wouldn’t it be fun to include your colored in coloring page in your shoebox?

Imagine the connection the child would feel, knowing they are coloring the same cross you colored.

Free Printable Coloring Book of Crosses_halfsize_OperationChristmasChild

Oh, and here’s the half-size version of the Coloring Book of Crosses.

Coloring offers a wonderful opportunity to mull the grace and mercy of our Savior, while praying for the child who receives your shoebox.

Get to Know You Coloring Page

One more way to connect …

This get-to-know-you-coloring page was designed by Operation Christmas Child for the shoeboxing family to fill out and color in, giving you another way you can connect with the child who receives your shoebox.

Speaking of connecting …

Sample Letters

Don’t forget to add a note or letter to the children.

Wonder what you should write?

Here are a couple of sample letters to get your pen thinking:

Sample 1 is a letter I sent in our 2014 shoeboxes.

Sample 2 is this year’s note. We will cut and paste it into Mrs. Judy Flower Notecards. Red heart

Getting So Close!

We’re getting SO close to collection week, November 14-21, 2016!!

Can you smell shoeboxes in the air?


(I hope not!  They need to be clean shoeboxesWinking smile )


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