Cut Old Labels for New Shoeboxes

Shoebox Prep Work_Cutting Labels

Much work happens behind the scenes when a family, church or team puts together a multitude of shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.

One of the tasks is cutting labels out of last year’s brochures for this year’s shoeboxes. Since we order free materials for our church bulletins and info table, we try to gather any extras after collection week is over.


We  print out a handful of Follow Your Box barcodes, so we know where at least some of our boxes are going.  🙂


Many more shoeboxes get the old fashioned Check Boy or Girl” labels which can be printed here or cut out from the paper brochures, like Winter and KC do for me.

Label Cutting

Why waste last year’s brochures when I have willing hands to cut labels, while I crochet doll clothes?   Smile

Winter and KC

Many thanks to Winter and KC for helping me over and over again with this competitive* task!

 *They were competing this year on who cut the most labels.  Whatever keeps ’em cutting!  😉


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