Packing Day Pics!

Packing Day 2016

Have I told you how much I love our church? Well, if I haven’t, I do!

Packing Day at Westside Chapel was a phenomenal success gathering our Operation Christmas Child team to pack shoeboxes – under a roof! With air-conditioning!

Packing Day Prep 2016 8

Variety at the Cross Makes Shoebox Spice

I was so blessed to see the cooperation, the kindness, the compassion of a variety of personalities, giftings and interests come together around the cross!

Happy Shoeboxer_She Doesn't Have That Squeaky Toy, Does She

I was going to say around shoeboxes, but packing shoeboxes full of love and goodies is only a small piece of the Operation Christmas Child picture.

Packing Day 2016 4

Hearts United

Our hearts are united, not simply over toys and trinkets, but over the life-changing – temporally and eternally life-changing – message of mercy at the cross.

Packing Day Prep 2016 5 Still Working[3]

We bowed our heads and filled 115 boxes with the abundant supply God has provided all year long.

Packing Day Prep 2016 Post A_box_alyptic_Photo

I felt like I did so little shopping and crocheting this year, but God did so much!

Packing Day 2016 3

And even more boxes are still being packed by shoeboxers at homes around town!

Remembering Who Shoeboxing is All About

After we packed shoeboxes, some took a few moments to remember why we are doing this. It was a beautiful moment.

Packing Day 2016 Remembering What It's All About

Ideas Have Been Sparked

Our team is growing in scope and in magnitude, in passion and in creativity, many already making plans for next year!  (Give me a few weeks and I’ll be ready, too.  Winking smile )

Packing Day 2016 7

*** Watch the full Prep and Packing Days slideshow here. ***

And here’s the squeaky toy that ALMOST got me in trouble.  😉

Our team has some mighty hopes and prayers for 2017!  Stayed tuned!

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Packing Day 2016 115 boxes and still counting


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