Operation Christmas Child: Find Your Place!

2016 Operation Christmas Child Countdown It Continues

Final Westside Chapel Shoebox Count


Awesome love-work, Westside Chapel!


Did you miss the 2016 shoebox season? Or did you enjoy it so much that you want to get involved all year round?

It’s an amazing adventure and what fun we have serving the Lord together!

Fuel the Shoebox Fire


Here are a few tips to fuel the fire for next year’s shoeboxing:

  • Pull out your calendar and mark the last week of December to remind you to look for after-Christmas sales.
  • While your calendar is out, jot the letters OCC or the word shoebox on every month in 2017.
  • But most importantly, ask God how you can serve with Him this year. He is a very creative Creator and knows your heart and your interests. It’s amazing what He can do with both when we let Him!

Local Cottage Neighbors

Are you my figurative or literal cottage neighbor in the Greater Jacksonville area?

Send me an email or give me a call and let’s see what God has in store for 2017 – together!

2017 Get On Board

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