2017 Bullet Journal Simplified System Extraordinaire

Build a Bullet Journal with a Pocket Folder

Happy 2017! How’d That Happen?

The 2017 means the pages of 2016 turned, even when some of us weren’t ready for them to turn. The happy of the greeting is a little more in our control.

I could go on and on about that bit, but I really want to start the new year sharing an idea for your new year.

It’s because I’m a planner. Are you a planner? I need to be a planner. Do you need to be a planner?

Winging It: Not Good Even With a Prayer

If I wing it, I tend to forget my heartfelt commitments (even those to myself) and get myself into trouble.

Having a clear idea of where we are headed, even if circumstances change our route from time to time, can help us when we’d rather run down the street screaming. Maybe I’m the only one who gets tempted to do thatWinking smile

Sometimes all we need is a plan for tomorrow to keep our feet planted in today.

You’ll notice my 2017 planner looks eerily like my 2015 bullet journal planner (which you heard my whimpering about when I switched to another system or two), but this year it has some key differences.

You Do You, Boo

You Do You, Boo: wise words from my 20-something daughter. She spoke them over and over again to me in 2016 and I think they are sticking. Like stickers.

Stickers 2

Whatever planner system you choose to use this year: You Do You, Boo (YDYB).

Some people will pour lots of creative time, energy and money into their planners.  I would love to do that. If I had more time, energy and money, that is. Winking smile

I want to use my resources in my own boo-way, so I’m going hardcore real life, real cheap, real simple.

The Hardcore Real Life Supplies

I’m using:

  • A regular ol’ spiral notebook.
  • Regular ol’ thin sharpies (they bleed, but so do I).
  • A pretty file folder.
  • A simple monthly calendar, store-bought from Sugar Paper at Target.

Yes, I could turn those ^^ into affiliate links, but I’m still not convinced I want to go hard core monetization here.  What do you think? Would you still love me? Read my posts?  Just an informal survey.  Smile

Anyway, that’s all I need this year.  Oh and some washi tape, which my daughter bought me as a surprise. wlEmoticon-redheart.png

2017 Bullet Journal Simplified System Extraordinaire

Here’s how I turned those few simple products into my 2017 Bullet Journal Simplified System Extraordinaire:

First step, label the file folder on the BACK SIDE. That’s so the tab looks pretty on the front side of my planner. It’s just a you-do-you-boo thing. YDYB.

Bullet Journal and Folder

Open the file folder and using washi-type tape (or regular scotch, if you’d prefer), tape the folder onto the cover of your spiral bound notebook, along the top and bottom.

I ran a strip of tape along the inside vertically just for prettiness sake.  YDYB.

Tape Folder on Bullet Journal

Next, open your notebook, and run some tape along inside near the holes for stability and more prettiness. YDYB

Folder Taped to Notebook

This creates an attached file folder. And a pocket, albeit with a gap along the vertical side of the contraption.

You could also run some double-sided tape to create a no-hole experience, which I will probably do at some point in 2017. YDYB

Creates a Pocket

I put my monthly calendar – I found I reallllllllllly need those squared off days on a rectangular month – in the folder so I have it handy.

Along with my stickers. Ah, the stickers. I’ll tell you about the stickers and the guts next time, ok?

Planner 2017

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