The Guts of a Bullet Journal Simplified System Extraordinaire

So last post, I showed you the outside of my Bullet Journal Simplified System Extraordinaire. Today, I show you the guts.

Just like carbon-based life form guts, these guts aren’t going to be considered pretty by many. But I’m not here to impress. I’m here to get a job done. Well, that was put bluntly, but you know what I mean.  Smile

The Stickers

I had a gift card from a loyalty program (aren’t those the bee’s knees!) so I bought some plain white stickers and played around in Inkscape to make planner stickers.

Stickers 2[2]

The hand means: Do This in Real Life

The box is a computer: Do This in Cyber Life

The phone means: Make a Call

The sideways suns I place on my daily pages vertically to indicate: Sunrise, Work Hours, and Sunset plans.

Because I know my reality so well, my first page looks like this:

Planner Reality_My Memory Oi Vey[8]

Like I said, nothing fancy here. YDYB.

I did add some cutesy stickers that I’ve been saving for a rainy day just to liven my pages up. Sorry, I took the pics before sticking the stics. But again, they won’t necessarily impress. Some are of fishes and some of are of little girls playing dress up and some I don’t remember, but I liked them at the moment of sticking so I stuck them.

The Massive List

On working pages 1-3, I have room for The Massive List. This is where I will write down everything that needs doing that I need to remember needs doing, but that doesn’t need to be done in any particular month or on any particular day.

Planner barf. Yep. Everybody’s got it.

The Massive List[2]

It’s Time

Then I’ll have my monthly, It’s Time lists. The rest of the notebook will be for my daily to-do lists, created, well, daily because that’s how I do my boo best. YDYB.

(Not sure what my boo best is?  Or what YDYB means? Check out my last post.)


If something has to be done on a certain day in a month, then that goes in my monthly planner booklet, which I can also carry to appointments, if need be.

And there she sits.  All ready for 2017!


Oooh, and I learned about Gantt charts in 2016, so you’ll (hopefully) be seeing a bit about them this year as we get rolling along learning, loving and serving at home and beyond!
Gantt charts can help YOU organize big projects, like Operation Christmas Child, too!

It’s Your Turn

How are you planning for 2017?
  • Winging it? Praying it? Planning it?
  • Winging and praying?
  • Winging, praying and planning?

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