We Have Today: Abhorring and Clinging

I am so thankful for YOU, my many readers! Without you I would just be playing with code and typing and designing. I love all that like crazy, but without a purpose that influences, it would just be pixels on a screen. Thank you for walking together in real life and cyber!

A Different Kind of Year

2017 is looking like a different kind of year. Aren’t they all?

With the nation in flux – aren’t we always? – to personal lives in flux – aren’t we always? – we truly can’t predict the future.

Road to Mountains

But we do have today.

I have this hour and a half to write a few January posts with a heart to influence the other side of the screen.

[Peeks behind computer screen. Waves hello! And yes, I really did peek and wave. Smile]

That’s today’s message: We do have today.

We Have Today

We have today, the next hour, the next minute to influence someone somewhere.

The person we influence might even be ourselves, the person in our own feet, reading/writing on our phone/tablet/desktop/magic box/TV/wristwatch/whatever else the world has invented.

We are our own first influence.

The Bible says, “Don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.” [Mat 6:34 NLT]

It also says,  “Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD, And whose hope is the LORD.” [Jeremiah 17:7 NKJV]

There’s that old abhor what is evil (purposeless worrying) and cling to what is good (purposeful trust) bit again. Smile

Abhorring and Clinging

What are you abhorring/clinging to?

What in your life, in your nation, are you worried about?

Do you like being worried about it?

Does it give you something to do? (I can relate.)

Worried or Trusting

What in your life, in your nation, can you trust God with?

Would you like to trust Him with it?

If you did trust Him with it, would you need to find something to do to fill in the blocks of time that you spent worrying about it?

(I can relate again.)

Trust God’s Nudge

I’m trusting that these few words on a page will nudge you a little closer to the Father God’s heart.  Heaven knows I need the same nudging.

Trust takes knowing a person, knowing how they will respond, understanding what our relationship is like based on past experiences and leaving room for growth, but not demanding it.

God gave us His Word, the Bible, to get to know Him.

When we know Him, we know we can trust Him.

But that takes time.

To Trust God More

Know … Trust … Do

Let’s take the time to get to know Him. Then we can trust Him whatever may come … from the farm house (or cottage, in my case) to the White House.

And we can trust Him to lead us to action that fills in the time we used to spend worrying.  Open-mouthed smile

Reality Check: Feel to remind me of this post when I’m falling apart in 2017 and beyond Winking smile because it’s bound to happen. Reality is just like that.>

Falling apart isn’t the problem.

It’s where we land our pieces that makes all the difference in the world … and in the world to come.

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