Hungry in a Fallen World

Hunger in a Fallen World

Hunger. A word that doesn’t just refer to food. We can hunger for food, or for love, or for answers, or for relief, or for companionship, or for God. This post is about … well, all three. [Counting …] All five.

Some parents assuage their hunger for answers or relief by numbing themselves with drugs, alcohol or false belief systems, while their kids tummies rumble from food-hunger.

Some parents put their hunger for connection and companionship above their child’s need for food. They buy cell phones and let the kids go hungry.

When we hunger for God but we replace Him with the world’s toys (we all do from time to time) we can find our children’s needs not being met because we are too busy replacing the grace to provide with satiating our fleshly hungers.

It’s a Scattering Thing

I’m not referring to an individual by name or otherwise. I’m referring to our culture, at least a scattering of it. I was going to say segment, but misplaced hunger eats through every age bracket, every income strata, every race.

Misplaced Hunger


It’s a human thing. But it’s not a healthy thing.


Misplaced hunger is a human thing. But it’s not a healthy thing.

Hunger Fight is On the Table

That’s why Hunger Fight is on the table. At the table.

The small but mighty Hunger Fight team serves children and families who, in some cases, truly can’t provide, and in some cases, don’t provide because they don’t have the tools, the education, and/or the drive to apply wisdom to care for their children.

Part of me says, “We need to educate the parents, not feed their children. They need to feed their children.”

And that’s true.

Kitchen Cupboard

However, while parents are figuring out they need help, many children are left to fend for themselves.

While parents are figuring out they need help, many children are left to fend for themselves.

So that’s why I am writing about Hunger Fight. For the children. For the children in a fallen world where not everything is as it should be.

Craving Dignity

Maybe a parent or 10 will read this article and recognize themselves, and then seek wisdom so they can walk in the dignity they crave, that they hunger for, and find more to life than bling or phone rings or denial or whatever distracts them from reality.

We all struggle with misplaced hunger. You are not alone. But are your children? Alone, I mean?

If You Feel Guilty

If you feel guilty for not providing for your children, seek forgiveness from God at the cross of His Son, ask forgiveness from your children, and seek – and apply – wisdom in practical ways to change. Then you can serve your children out of love and compassion for their needs.

Serve with Joy

If you are in a position to help hungry children and now feel guilty for not doing so, please stop reading. I want us to serve because we want to, not of out of guilt and condemnation.

Serve out of love and joy, not out of guilt and condemnation.

However, if you sense a stirring of compassion, read on.

For More Info About Hunger Fight

Would you like more information about Hunger Fight?

Would you like to help your community serve the hungry in the fallen world?

Here are two ways to glean from the harvest of their dedication:

  • Visit for more information.
  • Sign up to receive emails from my website. I’ll be sharing details about the Hunger Fight project in my next post. You won’t want to miss it.

    Discover Ways to Learn, Love, and Serve

    at Home ... and Beyond

Reality Check: For full disclosure, I have not, to date of this writing, personally supported Hunger Fight financially. We cast our bread on other waters at the moment.

But when I had a member of the board of directors in my living room (more about that in a post down the cyber road) sharing her passion, my heart beat a little faster, my love button was pressed to action and I thought I could at the very least send the information along to those whose hearts may beat hunger in the fallen world.

We can’t do everything. But we are …

Doing what we can to let them know we care.

Discover Ways to Learn, Love, and Serve

at Home ... and Beyond