Fight! Fight! Fight!

Fight Fight Fight

Fight! Fight! Fight! From prison courtyards to school playgrounds, the chant is haunting. Something in the psyche of humankind desires to fight. If not to fight among ourselves or to incite a fight among others, then a willingness, even a hope, to watch the show from the sidelines. God even calls us to fight.*

I’m not here to psycho-analyze or theologize, however. I’m here to challenge you to a fight. Ok, let me rephrase as flashbacks of Jeannine challenging me to a fight in 7th grade put my 50-year old stomach in knots. [Waving hi to Jeannine in friendship and care, just in case she’s reading this post.]

Fight a Good Fight

I, like Jeannine, challenge you to fight. I, unlike Jeannine, challenge you to fight a good fight.

That’s the kind of fight the Bible refers to, the good kind of fight:

  • The fight of faith, laying hold of eternal life provided by Christ Jesus at the cross.
  • The fight of faith, sharing God’s heart for reconciliation, holy God reconciled with sinful man.
  • The fight of faith, bringing hope to the fallen world, a tangible something letting others know God is not dead.

Find a Heartbeat

Find a cause, a heartbeat, something that whistles your name when you hear a key word, something that you can talk for hours about and feel like it’s just been moments. That’s what a passion point is all about.

Fight for Something Good

My friend, Kathy from Love Snuggles, has a passion not only for delivering oodles of handmade goodies to share with Operation Little Feet (more about that next post) during the busy Christmas season, but she also has a heartbeat for feeding the hungry all year long.

The organization Kathy serves with, Hunger Fight, is one example of a good fight happening right here in Jacksonville, FL and beyond.

Got Hunger?

Hunger Fight is … well, I’ll let Hunger Fight speak for itself. Feel free to click away from this page and peruse their website. Then come back here and let me know what you think. Smile

If you aren’t hungry for food, I am thankful because many are.

But are you hungry for purpose? There are plenty of cupboards to choose from. Red heart

While you are fighting, be sure to consider the eternal fight, not just the temporal one.


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