Feet Dreams: The 50-Year Old Kind and the Baby Kind

Feet Dreams Big and Little

A few of my many dreams came true in 2016! Two involved feet.

Big Feet

One of my long-term-but-gee-that-will-never-happen-now-after-the-car-accident dreams was to walk in a 5K and complete it, even if I had to be carried off the finish line in a wheelchair or walk it using a walker, both very real possibilities considering I was using a walker less than a year ago (and still do for places like museums and sometimes malls).

With many thanks to the team effort of:

  • Family members providing transportation to physical therapy
  • A team of magnificent (and incredibly patient!) physical therapists at Heartland Rehabilitation
  • Supportive friends who trained with me and took me to get my first ever bib (it’s a racing term, not a dribble term)
  • And a herd of help from Father God and His mighty Holy Spirit …

I completed a 5K … at night* … in just over sub-60, crossing the finish line at 1:01:30!

Call me Flurry!

All Flurried Up

Rumor has it the finish line photo is blurry because I was moving so fast!  Winking smile

Just Over Sub60 Festival of Lights 2016

Little Feet

The second feet dream didn’t initially involve feet.

It just turned out that feet, little feet to be specific, were in the plan!

Ever since seeing White Christmas and learning about the USO, I wanted to do something for the military, at Christmas, wearing a Santa hat.

Suzanne at USO Christmas 2016 Delivery

And it happened!

Many thanks to Chauffer Extraordinaire, my very own daughter, Winter, who drove me to the USO and took the pic!!  Red heart

And a round of applause to AngelStephanie in Canada and Kathy from Love Snuggles for creating and gathering all the beautiful gifts for us to deliver to the USO!!  Star

Kathy's Love Snuggles Delivery 2016

That’s Kathy ^^^; she’s amazing. She’s the one I was telling you about who serves on the board of directors of Hunger Fight.

And see those giant gift bags? They were brimming with handmade gifts for Operation Little Feet babies!

It’s Your Turn

If you have dreams, don’t give up on them.

You may have to put them on hold, or you may have to train really hard for them, but the best thing you can do right off is:

Commit your dreams to God and let Him sift them out in His timing and His ways, using whatever feet – or other means – He deems best.

Speaking of Feet …

Speaking of feet and means and deliveries … I have news about where our church’s shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child will be delivered this year!  I’ll let you know next post!

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*5K Night Tip for Those with Neuro Conditions Related to Epilepsy: You may want to find out if there will be numerous police cars and motorcycles with insanely bright flashing lights along the dimly lit nighttime course.

Wowza that was nearly as much challenge as walking! Every time I passed a police car, I turned my head away and held my hand to my face, thinking, “Gee, that doesn’t look very innocent!”  Winking smile

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