Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes: Where They are Headed

Discover Destination of Your Shoeboxes

This is always such an exciting post to write! I get to tell you where (some of) our church’s shoeboxes are going!

This year, along with the excitement were a few tears.

It always gets to me when I know children somewhere in the world are receiving the gifts that our growing group made by hand, gathered from hither and yon, as well as purchased, many of us keeping our eye on the shoebox heartbeat throughout the year.

And this year especially, well … you’ll see what I mean.

Many Shoeboxes, Several Locations

How do we know where are shoeboxes are going?

They tell us.

They Tell Us

Well, that’s if we downloaded our personalized QR scan code (in previous years, a barcode) and taped it on our shoeboxes.

Usually by Christmas, we receive an email that tells us where our shoeboxes will be going. That doesn’t mean they have arrived yet, as they have quite the journey ahead of them before they get to their new homes.

But it does mean that each one of our shoeboxes will be processed for a specific area of the world.

This year, they sent an email that sent us to this page. We entered our email address and poof!  A list of places!

2016 Destinations


If you are like me – a tad bit curious about places and spaces on this ol’ planet Earth – here are some links to the information Samaritans’ Purse shares with us. They tell us not just about the places the shoeboxes will be going, but also what it’s like there for the recipients.

Every year, no matter how tired I am from the shoebox holiday happenings, this information stirs my soul that what we are doing is important.

What you are doing is important. Please, keep doing it.

The location that got me especially this year is the “hard to reach areas.” Reminds me of the year our boxes went to the South Sudan. My heart and prayers are still firmly planted in the soil of their trials.

It’s Your Turn

If you have received news of where your shoeboxes are going, please let us know!  It’s so much fun to track the boxes and such an honor to pray for the children and communities who will receive them.


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