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Every so often I have to talk about my kids. Sure, there’s a bit (a bit??) of parental pride in the sharing, but both of my adult children have something to say to the world that the world needs to hear.

So, in the interests of such somethings, I send you today to their blogs:

Grant Broadhurst: Treating Life Like Research

Grant Broadhurst

  • Published journalist
  • Author of books about unique characters, such as eyeball-in-their-martinis kiwis and elves in submarines
  • Writing tutor
  • Distance learning coach
  • And so much more!

You can find his work, thoughts and an endearing sense of humor at

Winter Broadhurst: Life of Chronic Discovery

Winter Broadhurst

  • Converged Communicator
  • Artist in many mediums
  • Writing tutor
  • Survivor of and thriver with chronic illness
  • And so much more!

Peruse her artwork, delve into her heartbeat, and soak up her courage and trust in the Lord at


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