Crochet Projects to Whip Up for Home or Beyond

Crochet Projects to Whip Up for Home or Beyond

Gee, it’s been a bit heavy around here, huh? New years and new adventures always put me in a ponderous mood.

So let’s go light for a bit, eh? Party smile

Crochet Projects to Whip Up (or Commission Winking smile)

Here are some projects you can whip up (I suggest whipping with a crochet hook, personally, but as my daughter says, You Do You Boo) for Operation Christmas Child or beyond.

Although I didn’t make these for shoeboxes this time around the hook, they were technically all for beyond … some for gifts, some for my train trip to cold climates, some for commissions.

Yes! I take commissions!

I may be back on the train down the calendar tracks to care for my mom, so every little bit in the commission jar helps! And if my health didn’t hold on the last journey (I’m still writing on Jan 3rd so no clue what the future holds), nixing the idea of another long train trip, I’ll still be saving for something, like more physical therapy.  Winking smile


Pencil Ornament

Pencil Ornament

Ponytail Hat

Pink Ponytail Hat for Maggie

Ponytail Hat Neckwarmer

Ponytail Neckwarmer

Ponytail Neckwarmer_Ponytail Goes Here

Convertible Fingerless Mittens

Fingerless Convertible Mittens

Fingerless Convertible Mittens_open

Fingerless Convertible Mittens_closed

Luggage Spotters

I don’t have a pattern for these. I just whipped them up on the hook using basic shapes. But I had to show the cuties to my friends. <3

If the post-trip season is slow, I’ll see what I can do about writing a pattern. Just let me know if you’d like one.

Train and Caboose Luggage Tags


And that’s it for pre-trip writing! See you on the flip side of the tracks!
Cropped for Logo  Love ‘n’ life,

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