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Crochet Across America

Wow, it’s been quite some time since I wrote a blog post. You may not have noticed my absence because I scheduled posts ahead of my big train trip across country.

Yep, a train. Yep, across country. Almost coast to coast. Technically, if you count coastal states rather than actually dipping toes into salt water, it was totally coast to coast.

Coast to Coastal State Coast

I travelled from Florida to California by train*, detraining in Washington DC for a visit with my son to and fro, with my ultimate train stop just over the Calif/Arizona border in Needles to see my mom, sister, niece, and brother-in-law who live in Lake Havasu City, AZ.

Crochet Across America for the VFW

It is that sister and brother-in-law that inspired the blanket you see in the picture above. It’s my Crochet Across America blanket, much of which was made in the observation car between Chicago and the desert.

Desert 1

The Lake Havasu City VFW is going to auction the blanket** at their Memorial Day event this year.

What a gift to visit the VFW post, where my brother-in-law is president of the auxiliary (you can see his picture here).  They took me for a taco lunch and an amazing prime rib dinner in the presence of genuine heroes and conspicuously, but not tackily, in the presence of those not in our presence at the POW/MIA memorial table.

One of whom whose body was found that very week, missing since 1942, if I remember correctly.


Big Country, Many Moments

I have so much to tell you all … but I just got back last week and reentry into this world has been slow. I think it’s because I experienced so much of the part of the world we call USA that I don’t feel like a few letters typed in cyberspace can express it all.

I hesitated beginning but here I am, so …

I’ll do my best to leave nuggets of the trip along the cyber cottage path while we continue to talk about learning, loving and serving at home and beyond.

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*REALITY CHECK: To answer seemingly everyone’s burning questions: Nope, I didn’t get a roomette. Yep, I rode coach. Yes, it’s totally doable. Yes, I would love to try a roomette. And yes, they are very expensive. And yes, that’s why I didn’t. Smile But I am certainly open to the possibility!

** I don’t share things like this to brag or boast. I have nothing to boast in but the goodness of God in Christ. I share to give you ideas on how you can love and serve at home and beyond. Red heart

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