Facing Fears, Part 2

Facing Fears, Part 2

Some Fears are Meant to Be Feared

Before you think I did everything I have ever feared on this trip, let me tell you: I didn’t face every fear that I met.

Some fears are meant to be, well, feared.

Some fears are legitimately fearful for a reason.

I didn’t take a picture of one such fear, maybe because I was embarrassed that I didn’t face it at the time. But looking back, I know I chose well. And telling the story to my loved ones, they agree.

Worthy of My Reticence

Not all fears are meant to be faced.

Some fears are meant to be backed away slowly from.

The Bethesda Tunnel was one of those for me this trip. Since I didn’t take a picture, I thought I’d link to:

What I thought it would look like.

What it looked like.

Not All Fears are Meant to Be Faced

Confirmation of Rational Fear

Do you think I made the right choice? I do.

So did the local women whom I queried on my quest:

  • “Uh, yah, you should be safe. Probably.”
  • “I wouldn’t.”
  • “I’ve lived here a long time and I’ve never been in there. It doesn’t look safe.”
  • “I don’t think I would ever go in there.”
  • “Looks like a spot for mischief to happen.”
  • “Don’t go in there.”

Sometimes facing a fear is looking it right in the eye, the teeth or the tunnel and saying:

“Yep, you are worthy of my reticence. Bye!”

Looking Fear in the Eye, Teeth and Tunnel

Some fears, however, are relatively safe to face.

Facing Fears Head On

So how did I face fears when I faced them head on?

  1. Just suck it up like a buttercup?
  2. Repeat humanistic positive thoughts?
  3. Chant mantras from various sources?
  4. Ponder general scriptures about fear?
  5. Mull and memorize specific Bible verses about what I was actually afraid of before I faced it?

If you know me, or have read much of my blog, you’ll know I chose #5. Although on the first giant escalator ride up, I admit to grasping the rubber rail repeating, “Just hold on and don’t panic. Just hold on and don’t panic.

Facing Escalator Fears

But I know my spur of the rising moment repetition had its feet in the solid rock of the Word of God, as did my first gigantic felt-like-a-free-fall ride down, staring into my supportive son’s eyes a couple of steps below me. (He rode facing backwards just for me. Red heart)

Preserve Your Soul

In my next post (Be sure to sign up for emails for The Latest!) …

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… I will share what I did differently regarding fear this trip and how it helped me overcome a couple few many fears so I could learn, love and serve at home and beyond.


It’s Your Turn

  • Are the fears you face the kind that you can and should face with God at your side and His Word in your heart?
  • Or are they the kind you best wave at from afar? 

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