Facing Fears, Part 3

Traveling Amtrak

We’ve been focusing on fears and what it’s like to face them. Picture yourself as a small child. You are asked to go into a scary, dark room filled with shadows and odd smells. You shake your head, “Uh uh.” Your mom, or other trusted adult, offers to go with you. Do you go?

I can’t  say I would always go. At least not until I had some reassurance that the adult knew what to expect and was prepared for the unexpected.

That’s why I wanted to do this trip with God alone. I knew He knew what to expect and would be prepared for the unexpected, in the sense He is never caught off guard, but I certainly can be.

What I Did Differently: What Was I Actually Afraid Of?

I used to face fear rather generally, quoting Bible verses as if I were carrying a sign saying, “Mom’s got this” rather than holding Mom’s hand tightly, trusting the relationship and her presence. Of course, I mean Mom metaphorically, as in God.  🙂 (If that’s a simile or analogy rather than a metaphor feel free to correct me. I never can keep those straight.)

Tracks through Iowa

So the first step of facing fear is remembering Who is with you, Who is actively involved in your life. If He’s not actively involved, He can be.

The second step is getting specific.

Now, we probably all know there are no specific “riding a train by yourself with neurological challenges” Bible verses or “escalator fear” scriptures, so I had to ponder:

What am I actually afraid of?

Two-pronged Fears

Concerning the escalator, for example, once my rational concerns were addressed (a year of physical therapy did most of the trick), my fear was that God wouldn’t protect me. That I wouldn’t be safe.

That I would come tumbling down from the heights and land in a broken mess at the feet of fretful politicians and an array of hurried DC commuters.

Notice I had two fears: physical pain and emotional pain.


Fears in hand, I created a play list in Scripture Typer (they call them collections) which I named: Protection.

I included verses that refer to protecting my soul even if my body did go tumbling, such as Psalm 121:7 (see image above).

That’s not a lack of faith, that’s a stretch of my faith, trusting that in the fallen world, sometimes people get hurt, but God will still catch my soul, if not always my body.


The car accident of a few years ago comes to mind.

Of course, I sincerely hoped and trusted He would catch my body, too, which He did on a few missteps sprinkled throughout the trip. You could even say, my trip trips. Winking smile

Create Play Lists on Scripture Typer

Oh, I also created a Scripture Typer play list called Adventuring with God. And one called Peace. And another called Joy. Wisdom was another.


Protection and wisdom walk hand in hand more often than we humans would like to admit.

I encourage you to give Scripture Typer a go. Create playlists based on your needs. Mulling and memorizing a full Psalm or full chapter in context is quite the experience. You’ll begin to see the pieces of the puzzle meld.

Mull, Ponder, Review

Most every day, at some point or several, pull out your phone or pop on your desktop and mull (Scripture Typer calls it review) a verse or two or ten. I found myself reviewing verses in a variety of places in DC and beyond.

Although I got comfortable enough on the Metro to read a paperback book, I couldn’t get settled entering the cyber world while speeding underground at 60 mph.

My fear? I would get so caught up in what I was doing I’d miss my stop. I’ll save conquering that fear for the next trip.  Smile

This Stop Bethesda

It’s Your Turn

  • How do you handle your fears?
  • How do you want to handle your fears?
  • How do you want God to handle your fears?
  • How does God want to handle your fears?
  • Do you know about Scripture Typer? Blue Letter Bible? or Remember Me?

You may notice not all my photos will fit the subject for the next oh, year or so.Open-mouthed smile I took so many pics, I won’t be able to share them if I try to do the popular coordinate words with pics thing. But I am trying! Hope you don’t mind!

2nd REALITY CHECK: Now that I am home again I have a new/old set of fears to ponder. Time for another playlist. 🙂

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