Can’t Stand It. Must Share Pics.

I can’t wait any longer. I’m sorry. I must blast this blog with some pics of my trip, leaving the words for another day. Yah, it was just that fantastic of a trip!

I’m sure you’ll appreciate the break from my wordiness. (Insider info: It could be worse. Winking smile)

National Gallery of Art

If I could only live here … right here …

National Gallery of Art Rotunda_ahhhhhh

So many photos I took (100’s) at the National Gallery of Art. Sigh. Love. Sigh. More Love.

Talk about painting outside the box. I love Arcimboldo.

National Gallery of Art_Arcimboldo

I didn’t know about Della Robbia (except that a friend used to live on a street by that name here in town). Do you know about Della Robbia?

National Gallery of Art_Della Robbia

I did a lot of pondering of how women are portrayed in art. (More words to come.)

Suz at National Gallery of Art

Yes, please. My hall, please.

National Gallery of Art

My Buddy Boy

I love and miss this guy! He has quite the life!

Grant Leaving for Work

Library of Congress

Yes, our USA Library of Congress.

Stunned, I was.

Library of Congress

I think my Buddy Boy was surprised too …

Natural History Museum

Rocks. I love rocks. I love this rock.

I need more rocks. I like rocks.

Natural History Museum

Ratner Museum, Bethesda MD

Can you guess the Old Testament story this sculpture represents?

Ratner Museum

The Havasu 95 Speedway Where My Great-Niecey Races

My great-niecey. 

My favorite place on earth: the desert.

Ahhhhh. I breathe more freely just thinking of it.


The bottom of the page already??? That’s only a tiny slice of all I want to share!

More pics (and words) coming down the cyber tracks!

REALITY CHECK: Again, I know the quality of the photos aren’t professional. But I’m not a professional. I’m an aproned mom who had an amazing experience and didn’t want to lug a big camera around. And yet I want to share my world beyond with you.  Smile I also didn’t take the time to tweak (most of) them in Picasa. Still love me? 

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