Do You Know What the Future Holds?

Do you know what your future holds

Do you know what your future holds? I don’t mean dinner tonight, I mean the next one year, two years, ten years? Yah, me neither. But that’s ok. We aren’t really meant to.

How do I know that? Because God, in His wisdom, did not make us infallible prognosticators.


He gave us an ability to see general trends and make general guesses based on history and wisdom.


He expects us to glean from the wisdom of others who have tread familiar paths. (Parenting comes to mind.)


But the details He allows (most of the time) to be blurry. Kind of like some of my camera phone technology. Smile

Pause for Photography Thoughts

Outdoor shots come out much better on my camera, don’t you think?

All but the title shot in this post were taken on a boat on Lake Havasu. The road one was taken in a car in Lake Havasu. Winking smile

Thank you, big sis Annie, for taking me out on a boat! And thank you, brother-in-law Jimmy, for cutting out the coupon for us! <3

Resuming Other Thoughts

That’s pretty much all I wanted to say today:

It’s ok to not know the future. Just stick close to the One who does.

Ok to Not Know the Future

REALITY CHECK: Yah, one of the things I refer to in my not knowing the future is the future of this blog.

Suz on Lake Havasu

I dunno. Some days, I don’t mind working on my blog. Other days, it just seems like busy work to keep me sane. Winking smile

Now, sanity isn’t to be sneezed at, but maybe there’s another way to keep (get?) it.

It’s Your Turn

If you have thoughts, insights or such about this website, please do tell.

I am very curious what you, my readers, think.

Because this really is for you as much as it is for me. 


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