Train Travel: I AM your hero.

A brand new Amtrak-silver gray Moleskine accompanied me on my cross-country train trip. In it I sketched, wrote, pondered and tallied my expenses. But I began with a hero. My hero.

Great I Am

“I AM your hero” page 2 of my Moleskine begins, along with two quotes from “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young. I AM as in the great I AM, the only I AM, the One who can call Himself I AM at every point in history from eternity past to eternity future.

“I AM your hero.”

Moleskine_I AM Your Hero

I AM is my hero.

It’s Popular to Be Your Own Hero

I’ve noticed it’s become quite popular to be one’s own hero. Religion felt like a straight jacket. Codependency didn’t work for us, so we’re branching out to include me, myself and I to the exclusion of all outside hero help.

My daughter and I even saw a really cute t-shirt for a little girl at the store. The problem? It said, “I believe in me, myself and I.”

My 23-year old’s response: How lonely.”

Letting the great I AM, God Himself, be the hero in the story of your lives entwined means you become His leading lady. Or gentleman, for you manly readers out there.

It’s Your Turn: Who’s Your Hero?

  • Is I AM your hero?
  • Do you have a hero?
  • Is he/she real or imaginary?
  • Has he/she been through everything before it ever happened?
  • Does he/she have a plan for every contingency?
  • A hope for every fear?

I AM does.

I AM is Home, Too

Now that I am home again, I must, must, must remember that I AM is here, too.

Tip, Tip, Tip

That’s pretty much all for today.

A train tip, a stay home tip, a home and beyond tip:

Compare your hero to all that the mighty I AM, God Himself, is, was and will be.

If your hero doesn’t match the mighty I AM, then why not upgrade? Smile

Upgrade Hero

How do we find out what I AM is like? Start here.

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