Train Travel: Waking Up on a Train

Waking Up on a Train


I love waking up on a train. And yes, I sleep in coach. And yes, if you would like to donate to my next trip, I will happily test out the roomettes for you!  Open-mouthed smile

Waking Up On a Train is a Fascinating Process

Waking up on a train is so fascinating.

First, there’s the realization that you are on a moving vehicle and you can’t see the driver.

Then it dawns on you that you slept in a moving vehicle and you don’t know the other passengers. Quick check of the carry-on baggage assures you all is well.

A glance around at your fellow passengers reveals some are still asleep – you don’t gawk at their half-open mouths because moments before who knows how you looked!

The Ahhhh Moment

Then … the moment. The ahhhh moment. The moment you look out the window and discover the world has changed!

Good Morning

You fell asleep in the east and woke up in the heartland. The rising sun gilds the snow and then you see it.

The Plains

A windmill. An old fashioned wind mill.

You watch it fly by – you forget you are the one flying – until it’s last speck is seen out the window. But you don’t take out your camera because you want to soak it all in, so you make a quick sketch so you remember you saw it out the window.

Observation Deck, Here I Come!

The window! You remember you are on a superliner! Observation deck here I come!!!!

Countryside Whizzing By

Right after a potty break downstairs, a bite of breakfast and a juice purchase from the café. (Potty breaks can be pretty fascinating on a train, too.)


Ahhhh, boots up! Let the sun rise on the plains! I am ready for the day!


REALITY CHECK: Sunsets on the train are just as magnificent.


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