Train Travel: What to Do While Traveling the Tracks

Activities to Pass the Time on the Train

Now that you are scheduled to hit the tracks gliding toward your destination, what will you do while you wait for the scenery to change? Like all enjoyable adventures, planning ahead can make the trip oh so much better.

Take Several Small Activities

My suggestion: Take several small activities rather than one great big one.

By small, I mean both in size for packing purposes and in length of time commitment needed to enjoy.

It’s easy to lose track of your thought processes on a train. There’s something about the scenery whizzing by that made my mind settle into a rhythm of its own. It was very much quite delightful.

Scenery Whizzing By

Had I taken a project that involved commitment of thought for any length of time, I most likely would not have worked on it. So I took several smaller projects and activities, such as:

– A few skeins of yarn, crochet hook and cutting necklace.

Crochet Across America

– My Amtrak-gray Moleskine notebook and something to write with because you won’t always snatch a photo to remind you of what you saw.

Moleskine Windmill

– My cell phone with charger. There are outlets at your seat. Isn’t that fantastic???

– A Netflix movie downloaded to my phone (WiFi is not available on all routes).

– A book downloaded to my phone via our library’s Overdrive service.

– A “book on tape” downloaded from Librivox to my phone in case I was feeling auditory, meaning I wanted to get sleepy.

– A camera – on your phone or otherwise – to snap more pictures than you ever thought possible on such a trip. (I took well over a 1000 photos with my little phone camera, storing them on an sd card. I really wish the camera had a setting to avoid bursts of shots, but I digress.)

Out West

– An activity book for grown-ups. I bought a DC history-themed one in WAS at one of the Union Station shops.

– Train schedule brochures to follow the big picture. Pick them up at the train station or get them online.

Enjoy the Journey

– A sense of humor.

– An openness to talk to strangers.

– An openness to sit in silence and ponder whatever thoughts need pondering.

Add in some serious snacking, or eating in the diner car if you don’t have food allergies, a good night’s sleep (yes, even in coach!), wonderful wake ups, and a few fresh air breaks to stretch your legs, and before you know it, you’ll be where you were headed!

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