Train Travel: Stop the Car!

Train Travel_Stop the Car

Impossible to capture everything on my adventure up north and out west, I still managed to snag quite a few thoughts and snap over 1000 pics. (Don’t worry, I won’t be sharing them all on my blog. Winking smile)

One recurring thought on the train was: Stop the train! I want to get a picture!

Stop the Train! I Want to Take a Picture!

Stop the train! I want to take a picture!

From the Speeding Train 3

Even if we holler loud enough, the conductor will not carry our message to the engineer. But he may pass the word to the local police of the next station town if we don’t settle down. Winking smile

People have been kicked off trains, or so I have been told.

No U-Turns

How often do we cry, “Stop the car!” traveling mountain roads in a car? The driver patiently looks for a safe place to make a u-turn only to discover there are no u-turns for miles and miles.

This prepares one for train travel.

From the Speeding Train 8

Except there are no u-turns unless you want to get off at the next station and wait for a train back where you just were.

No Stopping a Train

Like it or not, there is no stopping a train. There is no pull cord like in episodes of “I Love Lucy.”

Speeding Trains Don't Stop by Pull Cord

The train will not immediately slam on the brakes at the tug of a hysterical woman who just saw a cow in an icy field and wants a snapshot for her collection.

The cow passes.

The quixotic station passes.

The architectural wonder passes.

From the Speeding Train 7

The windmill passes.

The river passes.

From the Speeding Train 6

The fox trotting in the snow passes.

From the Speeding Train 4

The ravine passes.

The – was that a rattlesnake?! – passes.

From the Speeding Train 5

The massive red rock passes.

Sights are Gifts to the Seer

We sigh because we cannot capture every scene the way we want to share it.

The sights we see aren’t always ours to share, however.

They are ours to carry, to be changed by, to offer us whatever gift we need at the moment to remember.

They are memories.

We must breathe them in as they happen, like a baby’s coo.


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