Bohemian Baby Blanket in Crochet

Bohemian Baby Blanket

We can’t stop a train when we want a picture, or when we really want to detrain for a bit and stretch our legs, but we can stop a train of thought. Let’s stretch our train-filled legs and talk crocheting for a few posts. Smile

Join the Celebration!

What fun it is to join the celebrations of new families being created! Whether it is a wedding marking the beginning of a family of two or a baby multiplying the love all around, crocheting for celebrations delights a crafter’s soul.

And with appreciation for the homemade coming back in vogue, I hope you are inspired to make gifts for your circles or branches of the family tree.

Let’s begin with the circles …

Bohemian Baby Blanket

First, a Bohemian Baby Blanket:

Bohemian Baby Blanket 1

The pattern is called Circle Lapghan by Kim Kotary, a free pattern on Ravelry.  (Scroll down to the notes section on the pattern page and you’ll find a link to the free Red Heart pattern.)

The project that got my attention for the power of this pattern was made by Bethany, known as bef1212 on Ravelry. She really knows how to make color sing!

Bohemian Baby Blanket 2

The colors for my Bohemian Baby Blanket were ultimately chosen by my in-sync-with-the-color-times daughter, Winter, who also knows a colors’ tunes by heart. Red heart

Bohemian Baby Blanket 3

I stopped a few round short of completion because a) the baby had been born! and b) it just looked finished. Some blankets are like that!
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