Cherry Blossom Baby Blanket/Wall Hanging

Cherry Blossom Baby Blanket Crochet

Crocheting for our circles sometimes means crocheting a rectangle. And a tree. A cherry tree, to be precise.

Inspired by my recent train trip to Washington DC and beyond along with the family heritage of the expectant family, I went on a crocheted cherry tree pattern search.

I found this pattern for a pillow, which inspired me to create this Cherry Blossom Blanket.

Cherry Blossom Blanket 3

I wanted a baby blanket with texture – babies love texture – and that would be pretty enough to hang in baby’s room, if the mama and papa so desired.

Cherry Blossom Blanket 1

I also wanted the flowers to be reallllllly secure, so I made them in long strands of garland rather than individual flowers by adapting this pattern.

Cherry Blossoms

Notes about the stitches I used for the tree bark (after carefully examining really cherry trees in DC! Open-mouthed smile) …

Cherry Tree Bark

… and stitches for the snowy background are on my Ravelry project page.

Cherry Blossom Blanket 4

I didn’t write down the stitch counts (too much going on lately!).
In general, work in rows comprised of both bark and snow. Use the bark stitches until it looks right, then snowy stitches to the end.
Turn and make snow back to where it looks like the bark should begin again.
The finer branches I did in surface chains, making sure to attach firmly to the blanket.
What’s on your hook for someone’s family tree?


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